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Pilar Moreno

Country of origin: Uruguay Currently in: Uruguay, Montevideo General field of specialization: Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology
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2018 Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology
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Current Research Activities

Structural, Cell and Molecular Biology

Molecular evolution of RNA virus

Research Keywords: 
RNA virus
genetic variability
molecular evolution

Publications resulting from Research: 

COMAS V; MORATORIO M; SOÑORA M; GOÑI N; PEREIRA S; IFRAN S; MORENO P ; CRISTINA J (2015) Phylogenetic analysis of the neuraminidase gene of pandemic H1N1 influenza A virus circulating in the South American region. Virus Research, v.: 197, p.: 1 - 7.

CRISTINA J; MORENO P ; MORATORIO M; MUSTO H (2015) Genome-wide analysis of codon usage bias in Ebolavirus.. Virus Research, v.: 196, p.: 87 - 93.

ECHEVERRIA N; MORATORIO M; CRISTINA J; MORENO P (2015) Hepatitis C virus genetic variability and evolution. World Journal of Hepatology, v.: 7 6, p.: 831 - 845.

SOÑORA M; MORENO P ; ECHEVERRIA N; FISCHER S; COMAS V; FAJARDO A; CRISTINA J (2015) An evolutionary insight into Newcastle disease viruses isolated in Antarctica.. Archives of Virology.

FISCHER S; ECHEVERRIA N; MORATORIO M; LANDONI AI; DIGHIERO G; CRISTINA J; OPPEZZO P; MORENO P (2014) Human endogenous retrovirus np9 gene is over expressed in chronic lymphocytic leukemia patients. Leukemia Research Reports, v.: 3
2, p.: 70 - 72.

MORATORIO M; IRIARTE A; MORENO P ; MUSTO H; CRISTINA J (2013) A detailed comparative analysis on the overall codon usage patterns in West Nile virus. Infection, Genetics and Evolution, v.: 14C, p.: 396- 400.

LIBISCH G; CASAS M; CHIRIBAO ML; MORENO P ; CAYOTA A; OSINAGA E; OPPEZZO P; ROBELLO C (2013) GalNAc-T11 as a new molecular marker in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Gene, v.: 533, p.: 270 - 279.

MORENO P ; ABREU C; PALACIOS F; BORGE M; MORANDE P; LANDONI AI; GABÚS R; DIGHIERO G; GIORDANO M; GAMBERALE R; OPPEZZO P (2013) Methylation status regulates LPL expression in CLL. Leukemia and Lymphoma, v.: 54, p.: 1844 - 1848.

REGO N; BIANCHI S; MORENO P ; PERSSON H; KVIST A; PENA A; OPPEZZO P; NAYA H; ROVIRA C; DIGHIERO G; PRITSCH O (2012) Search for an aetiological virus candidate in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia by extensive transcriptome analysis. British Journal of Haematology

MORENO P ; ABREU C; BORGE M; PALACIOS F; MORANDE P; PEGAZZANO M; BIANCHI S; LANDONI AI; AGRELO R; GIORDANO M; DIGHIERO G; GAMBERALE R; OPPEZZO P (2012) Lipoprotein lipase expression in unmutated CLL patients is the consequence of a demethylation process induced by the microenvironment. Leukemia.

GOÑI N; IRIARTE A; COMAS V; SONORA M; MORENO P ; MORATORIO M; MUSTO H; CRISTINA J (2012) Pandemic influenza A virus codon usage revisited: biases, adaptation and implications for vaccine strain development. Virology Journal,
v.: 9, p.: 263 - 270.

PALACIOS F*; MORENO P* ; MORANDE P; ABREU C; CORREA A; PORRO V; LANDONI AI; GABÚS R; GIORDANO M; DIGHIERO G; PRITSCH O; OPPEZZO P (2010) High expression of AID and active Class Switch Recombination might accounts for a more aggressive disease in unmutated CLL patients: Link with an activated microenvironment in CLL disease . Blood, the Journal of the American Society of Hematology - Print, v.: 115 22, p.: 4498 - 4496

BIANCHI S; MORENO P ; LANDONI AI; NAYA H; OPPEZZO P; DIGHIERO G; GABÚS R; PRITSCH O (2010) IGHV-D-J gene rearrangement and mutational status in Uruguayan patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. Leukemia and Lymphoma.

MORENO P ; ALVAREZ M; LOPEZ L; MORATORIO M; CASANE D; CASTELLS M; CASTRO S; CRISTINA J; COLINA R (2009) Evidence of recombination in Hepatitis C Virus populations infecting a hemophiliac patient. Virology Journal, v.: 6, p.: 203 - 211.

CRISTINA J; MORENO P ; MORATORIO M (2007) Hepatitis C virus genetic variability in patients undergoing antiviral therapy. Virus Research, v.: 127, p.: 185 - 194.

MORATORIO M; MARTINEZ M; GUTIERREZ MF; GONZÁLEZ K; COLINA R; LÓPEZ-TORT F; LOPEZ L; RECAREY R; SCHIJMAN AG; MORENO P ; GARCÍA L; MANASCERO AR; CRISTINA J (2007) Evolution of naturally occurring 5 non-coding region variants of Hepatitis C virus in human populations of the South American region.
Virology Journal, v.: 4, p.: 79 - 91.

MORENO P ; CASANE D; LOPEZ L; CRISTINA J (2006) Evidence of recombination in quasispecies populations of a Hepatitis C Virus patient undergoing anti-viral therapy. Virology Journal, v.: 3, p.: 87 - 94.

MORENO P ; CORTINAS MN; BONOMI R; CARDEZA A; URIARTE MR (2001) A novel bcr-abl fusion transcript (e15a2) in two patient with atypical chronic myeloproliferative syndrome. Blood, v.: 97 11, p.: 3668 - 3669.

BONOMI R; GIORDANO H; MORENO P ; BÓDEGA E; LANDONI AI; GALLAGHER R; URIARTE MR (2000) Simultaneous PML/RAR and AML1/ETO expressión with t(15,17) at onset and relapse with only t(8,21) in an acute promyelocytic leukemia patient. Cancer Genetics and Cytogenetics, v.: 123, p.: 41 - 43.

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