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Organizations of interest

Professional Women's Network (PWN Global)


PWN Global is a dynamic fast-growing offline and online networking and leadership development platform for professional women of all sectors and industries. With over 3,500 members and more than 90 nationalities, PWN Global volunteer-led organization delivers over 600 events a year in its community of 24 city networks.


Why OWSD members might be interested?

PWN Global aims to advance women in leadership in an economically sustainable and happier society, since gender balanced decision-making creates strength of character, resilience and growth. The network aspires to accelerate the pace of change and to inspire its community to embrace new skills and put reforms into action.

Womankind Worldwide

United Kingdom

Womankind Worldwide is an international women’s rights charity working in partnership with women’s organizations to support women in Africa, Asia and Latin America to claim their rights and transform their lives and communities. To reach such goal several activities are implemented, such as providing training and information on securing women’s rights and connecting women to the people who have the power to implement change.


Why OWSD members might be interested?

Empowering and supporting women’s participation in civil and political fields gives women the chance to contribute to the development of their own countries and to bring about long-lasting changes.

Association for Women in Science (AWIS)

United States

Founded in 1971 in the U.S.A., the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) is the largest multi-disciplinary organization for women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

AWIS works towards positive system transformations in order to remove the barriers that still impede women’s full participation in the STEM enterprises. To achieve such goal, AWIS implements a large number of different activities, such as highlighting ways to restructure STEM environments to foster diversity and inclusion or promulgating results of important national studies on gender inequity in learning environments and workplaces.


Why OWSD members might be interested?

Working for positive system transformation, AWIS strives to ensure that all women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics can express their full potential and achieve success.

Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF)


WECF was officially registered as a foundation in 1994 and today, through its three coordinating offices located in Utrecht (the Netherlands), Munich (Germany), and Annemasse (France), it implements projects in nearly 50 countries in order to achieve a healthy environment and promote women’s participation in policy making on sustainable development, environment and health.


Why OWSD members might be interested?

WECF historically focused its project implementation on the European region as well as Caucasus and Central Asia, bringing lessons learned to international policy processes. Since 2010, WECF has added an international division, the Women International for a Common Future division (WICF), implementing projects with partners globally, and opening membership to organizations located in all five continents, in order to focus on all the women in the world, including those living in developing and least developed countries.

Women's Environment and Development Organization (WEDO)

United States

WEDO is an international non-governmental organization based in New York, which focuses on three programmatic areas: Human Rights, Gender Equality and Sustainable Development.

Through a large number of initiatives and campaigns, WEDO is striving to include women’s rights; social, economic and environmental justice; and sustainable development principles at the heart of global and national policies, programs and practices in order to improve the lives of men and women around the world.


Why OWSD members might be interested?

As a global women’s advocacy organization, WEDO envisions a fair world that promotes and protects human rights, gender equality and the integrity of the environment. To achieve such goal, WEDO allies with governments, national and regional stakeholders and organizations worldwide that are focused on women empowerment, sustainable development and protection of human rights.

Copernicus Science Centre (CSC)


The Copernicus Science Centre is one of the largest science centres in Europe whose mission is promoting the scientific knowledge among children and adults through hands-on workshops, permanent exhibitions and amazing experiments.

The CSC is a cultural institution established and financed by the Capital City of Warsaw, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Ministry of National Education.


Why OWSD members might be interested?

OWSD might consider a partnership with Copernicus Science Centre, because of its great importance in the scientific area. Indeed, altough it is one of the youngest science centers, it is considered one of the most interesting and innovative ones worldwide. In addition, the CSC co-organizes the Science Picnic – the largest open air event for the promotion of science in Europe.

Women’s Major Group (WMG)

Collaborating since: 2012

Women's Major Group is an international non-governmental organization created at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, where governments recognized Women as one of the nine important groups in society to achieve sustainable development.

Since its foundation, WMG has been supporting the participation of women in UN processes on Sustainable Development and Environment by giving them the opportunity to speak in the plenaries with the representatives of governments and in high-level meetings with Ministers and Heads of State, as well as by facilitating their access to documents and submission of proposals.

Why OWSD members might be interested?

The WMG is a self-organized organization open to all interested institutions worldwide that strive to promote human rights based sustainable development with a special focus on women’s human rights, women’s empowerment and gender equality.

Genre en Action (GeA)

Collaborating since: 2012

Genre en Action is an international Francophone network of organizations and people striving for the inclusion of gender in development with the main aim of boosting the advocacy of the equality of women and men, particularly in the Francophone world.

Why OWSD members might be interested?

GeA supports any policy and development program fighting against gender inequality, violence against women and violations of women's rights, because these unacceptable realities impede the development and freedom of all human beings.