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Nesreen Abd El-Ghany

Country of origin: Egypt Currently in: Egypt, Cairo General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
Academic Background


2011 Doctorate Agricultural Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Agricultural Sciences

My research program has focused on isolation of more toxic indigenous B. thuringiensis isolates from Egyptian soils and diseased insects. Moreover, evaluation of the potential activity of these isolates against some economically important lepidopterous cotton insect pests namely, the cotton leafworm Spodoptera littoralis (Biosduval), the American bollworm Helicoverpa (=Heliothis) armigera (Hardwick), the pink bollworm Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders) and the greasy cutworm Agrotis ypsilon (Rottenberg) causing great damage. The mode of action of some of these isolates has to be investigated based on studies of the histopathological effects of B. thuringiensis on S. littoralis and P. gossypiella midguts using Scan Electron Microscope (SEM) and Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM). Also, my research program utilizes molecular biology tools to study molecular characterization of the B. thuringiensis isolates and show the genetic variability among different isolates and its correlation with their potency against the target lepidopterous insects and to explore the possible development of more effective formulations of B. thuringiensis for field application. Moreover, establishment of efficient regeneration system for tomato cultivar as pre-requisites for the development of transgenic plants was performed. The transgenic tomato plant harboring Cry 2Ab gene in its genetic makeup was made using gene transfer protocol. The Bt-tomato plants have autoresistance against the lepidopterous insects namely, H. armigera, S. littoralis and P. operculella. Especially, the expression of δ-endotoxins in transgenic plants has provided a very effective means to control economically important insect pests.

Research Keywords: 
agricultural biotechnology
molecular biology
Biological control
Microbial biotechnology

Publications resulting from Research: 

Amany M. Abd El-Ghany; Nesreen M. Abd El-Ghany. 2017. Molluscicidal activity of Bacillus thuringiensis strains against Biomphalaria alexandrina snails. Beni-Suef University Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences.
Atef S. Abdel-Razek, Nesreen M. Abd El-Ghany, Khaled Djelouah, Abdelhameed Moussa. 2017. An evaluation of some eco-friendly biopesticides against Bemisia tabaci on two greenhouse tomato varieties in Egypt. Journal of Plant Protection Research. 57(1): 9–17.
Abd El-Ghany N.M.; S.E. Abd El-Aziz. 2017. External Morphology of Antennae and Mouthpart Sensillae of the Granary Weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Journal of Entomological Science. 52(1): 29-38.
Nesreen M. Abd El-Ghany, Atef Sayed Abdel-Razek, Ibrahim M.A. Ebadah, Youssf A. Mahmoud 2016. Evaluation of some microbial agents, natural and chemical compounds for controlling tomato leaf miner, Tuta absoluta (Meyrick) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae). Journal of Plant Protection Research. 56(4): 372-379.
Nesreen M. Abd El-Ghany, E.S. Abdel-Wahab, S.S. Ibrahim. 2016. Population Fluctuation and Evaluation The efficacy Of Pheromone-Based Traps with Different Color on Tomato Leafminer Moth, Tuta absoluta (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) In Egypt. Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences. 7(4): 1533-1539.
Nesreen M. Abd El-Ghany, Enas M. Abdel Ghany, Salama, H.S. 2015. Efficiency of New B. thuringiensis Isolates from Egypt against the Pink Bollworm Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders). Biopesticide International 11(1): 12–19.
Nesreen M. Abd El-Ghany; Dalia E. Lotfy and E. M. Embaby. 2015. Isolation and Evaluation of Native Metarhizium anisopliae Strains against the Greater Wax Moth Galleria mellonella Linnaeus (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). Egyptian Journal of Biological Pest Control, 25(1):199-203.
Samah Sayed Ibrahim, Fatma Abdelhalim Moharum, Nesreen M. Abd El-Ghany. 2015. The cotton mealybug Phenacoccus solenopsis Tinsley (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) as a new insect pest on tomato plants in Egypt. Journal of Plant Protection Research 55(1): 48-51.
Salama, H.S.; Abd El-Ghany, N.M.; Saker, M. 2015. Diversity of Bacillus thuringiensis isolates from Egyptian soils as shown by molecular characterization. Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, 13: 101–109.
Abd El-Ghany, N.M.; Saker, M.; Salama, H.S.; Ragaie M. 2015. Histopathology of the larval midgut of Helicoverpa armigera (HÜbner) fed on Bacillus thuringiensis crystals and Bt-tomato plants. Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, 13: 221–225.
Salama, H.S.; Ragaei, M. and Abd El-Ghany, N.M. 2013. Development of the predator Chrysoperla carnea (Stephens) as affected by feeding on Helicoverpa armigera (Hübner) reared on transgenic Cry 2Ab tomato plants. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection, 46(16): 2019-2022.
Salama, H.S.; Saker, M.; Salama, M.; El-Banna, A.; Ragaei, M. and Abd El-Ghany, N.M. 2012. Bacillus thuringiensis isolates from Egyptian soils and their potential activity against lepidopterous insects. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection, 45(7): 856-868.
Saker, M.; Salama, H.S.; Ragaei, M. and Abd El-Ghany, N.M. 2012. Molecular Characterization of Bacillus thuringiensis Isolates from The Egyptian Soil. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection, 45(1): 110-125.
Saker, M.; Salama, H.S.; Salama, M. and Abd El-Ghany, N.M. 2011. Production of Transgenic Tomato Plants expressing Cry 2Ab gene for the control of some lepidopterous insects endemic in Egypt. Journal of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, 9 (2): 149 – 155.
Saker, M.M.; Nesreen M. Abd El-Ghany; Salama M. and Salama, H.S. 2010. Re-evaluation of some factors affecting regeneration and Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of tomato. Journal of Biotechnology Research. 10: 1 - 22.
Merdan, A.; Salama, H.S.; Labib, E.; Ragaei, M. and Abd El-Ghany, N.M. 2010. Bacillus thuringiensis Isolates From Soil And Diseased Insects In Egyptian Cotton Fields And Their Activity Against Lepidopterous Insects. Archives of Phytopathology and Plant Protection, 43(12): 1165 - 1176.
Saker, M.; Salama, H.S.; Merdan, A.; Ragaei, M. and Abd El-Ghany, N.M. 2006. Molecular Characterization of Isolates of Bacillus thuringiensis from The Soil and Insects in Egypt. The 1st International Egyptian-Jordanian Conference under the theme of: Biotechnology and Sustainable Development: Current Status and Future Scenarios, Egypt (11-14 Dec). Abstract book, pp124.
Salama, H.S.; Merdan, A.; Ragaei, M.; Labib, I.M. and Abd El-Ghany, N. M. 2006. Ultrastructural study on the mode of action of Bacillus thuringiensis on the mid-gut larvae of Spodoptera littoralis and Pectinophora gossypiella. Ain Shams Science Bulletin, Vol. 44: 109-122.

Current profession

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Researcher, Pests and Plant Protection Dept., Agriculture & Biology Division, National Research Centre


Arab Society for Plant Protection
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Other Awards

Mar 2012
the Best PhD Thesis in 2011 "Agriculture Science"
Award of the Best PhD Thesis in 2011 "Agriculture Science" from the National Research Centre.
Oct 2014
Best Poster Presentation
1st placing in “Best Poster Presentation” in International Conference of Biopesticides 7th (ICOB7): "Biopesticides: Shaping Human Health and Global Agriculture". 19-25 October 2014, Side-Antalya, Turkey.

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