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Patricia Acheampong

Country of origin: Ghana Currently in: Ghana, Kumasi General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
Academic Background


2015 Doctorate Agricultural Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Agricultural Sciences

Currently researching on: a. Farmer preferred varieties of sweetpotato, cassava, yam, cocoyam and rice b. Market development of sweetpotato prebasic seeds c. Economics analysis of seed yam production from aeroponics d. Adoption and impacts of improved production technologies

Research Keywords: 
Farmer; preference; improved variety; markets; economic analysis; impact assessment
gender and economics development
agricultural markets
Economic and Social development
Economics of Innovation; Science and Technology Policy

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. Acheampong, P.P., Quain, M.D., Kubi, D., Osei –Adu, J., Ennin, S.A. and Osei, K. (2017) The Business case for Seed yam production in Aeroponics in Ghana. Contributed paper presented at Ghana Association of Agricultural Economists Conference, 27th-29th September, 2017, Tamale, Ghana
2. Owusu Danquah E., Ennin ,S.A and Acheampong, P.P. (2017). Integrated soil nutrient management option for Sustainable yam production. Agronomie Africaine Sp. 29 (2): 69 - 81
3. Amengor,N.E., Adofo, K., Nsiah Frimpong, B., Acheampong, P.P., Sagoe, R. Osei-Adu, J. and Adu-Appiah, A. (2017). Profitability Gap Analysis of Sweetpotato Production in Ghana: Evidence from Sweetpotato Farmers and Traders. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology. 21(3): 1-10, 2017; Article no.AJAEES.38110 ISSN: 2320-7027
4. Acheampong, P. P., Osei-Bonsu, P., Omae, H. and Nagumo, F. (2016). Disadoption of Improved Agronomic practices in Cowpea and Maize at Ejura-Sekyeredumase and Atebubu-Amantin Districts in Ghana. Sustainable Agriculture Research; 5(3); 93-102.
5. Ewool, M. B., Akromah, R. and Acheampong, P. P. (2016). Performance of Pro-Vitamin A Maize Synthetics and Hybrids Selected for Release in Ghana. International Journal of Science and Technology 5(6):268-293.
6. Owusu-Danquah, E., Ennin,S. A., Lamptey, J. N. L. and Acheampong, P. (2015). Staking Options for Sustainable Yam Production in Ghana. Sustainable Agriculture Research, 4:106-113.
7. Acheampong, P.P. and Owusu V. (2015). Impact of improved cassava varieties’ adoption on farmers’ incomes in Rural Ghana: A propensity score matching analysis. International Conference of Agricultural Economist, August 8-14, 2015, Milan, Italy.
8. Osei-Bonsu, P., Omae, H., Nagumo, F, Owusu-Bio, R. and Acheampong P. P. (2015). Evaluation of two jab planters for planting maize in the forest zone of Ghana. International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies, 10 (1): 30-35.
9. Ennin, S.A., Isaaka, R. N, Acheampong, P. P., Numafo, M. and Owusu Danquah, E. (2014). Mechanization, Fertilization and Staking Options for Environmentally Sound Yam Production. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 9 (29): 2222-2230.
10. Yeboah, S., Berchie, J. N., Asumadu, H., Agyeman, K. and Acheampong, P. P. (2014). Influence of Inorganic Fertilizer Products on the Growth and Yield of Tomatoes (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill). Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Science, (1): 499-506.
11. Acheampong, P.P., Owusu, V. and Nurah, G.K. (2013). Farmers Preferences for CassavaVariety Traits: Empirical Evidence from Ghana. Contributed Paper Prepared for Presentation at the Fourth International Conference of the African Association of Agricultural Economists (4th ICAAAE) 22-25 September 2013, Hammamet, Tunisia.

12. Berchie, J. N., Asumadu, H., Yeboah, S., Agyeman, K and Acheampong, P. P. (2013). An Evaluation of the Effects of Yara Fertilizers on the Growth and Yield Performance of Maize (Zea mays L.) and its Economic Implications to Farmers in Ghana. International Journal of Science and Advanced Technology, 3 (8):1-7.
13. Acheampong, P. P., Braimah, H., Ankomah-Danso, A. and Mochiah, M. B.(2012). Consumers Behaviours and Attitudes towards Safe Vegetables Production in Ghana: A Case Study of the Cities of Kumasi and Cape Coast. Science Journal of Agricultural Research and Management, 109:1-12.
14. Acheampong, P. P., Owusu,V., Gyiele ,N., Asante, B.O and Osei- Adu, J. (2012). Cassava Variety Attributes Preferences in Ashanti, Brong Ahafo and Eastern Regions of Ghana. Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science, 45: 21-29.
15. Acheampong, P. P. (2012). Household food security in Ghana: the role of root and tuber crops. Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science, 45- 3-9.
16. Owusu-Asante, B., Otoo, E., Wiredu, N. A., Acheampong, P., Osei - Adu, J. and Nsiah-Frimpong, B. (2011). Willingness to adopt the vine multiplication technique in seed yam production in the forest savanna transition agro-ecological zone, Ghana. Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics, 3(16): 710-719.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
1. Participatory development of farmer preferred crop varieties involves on station and on farm trials. In these activities farmers preferences are deduced based on selection and evaluation of characteristics. Economics analysis are carried out prior to releases of the proposed varieties. 2. Development of market for sweetpotato prebasic seed involves development of pricing for various stages of of production(tissue culture, screen house, net tunnel) and development of business plan 4. Seed yam production in aeroponics is new in the research agenda of Crops Research Institute. Economics analysis of the system allows comparison of benefits from conventional systems for seed yam production and the aeroponics for seed yam production


International Association of Agricultural Economics
Prizes, Grants and Awards

Other Awards

Jul 2010
African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD)
Two years scholarship for Capacity building and career development of women in agricultural research in Africa
Dec 2015
National Best Researcher (co-winner))
Award given at annual National Farmers Day in Ghana
OWSD 6th General Assembly certificate: download

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