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Atia Afroz

Country of origin: Bangladesh Currently in: Bangladesh, Dhaka General field of specialization: Mathematical sciences
Academic Background


2019 Doctorate Mathematical sciences
2015 Master Mathematical sciences
2013 Master Mathematical sciences
2006 Master Mathematical sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Mathematical sciences

I am working on bifurcation analysis of nonlinear PDEs from the viewpoint of Singularity Theory.

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. Atia Afroz and Toshizumi Fukui, Bifurcation of Euler buckling problem,
revisited, Hokkaido Mathematical Journal, Acceptance no: 2018-910.

2. Atia Afroz and L. S. Andallah, Numerical Simulation of a Dimensionless
Form of Two Lane Traffic Flow Model. International Journal of Theoretical
& Applied Sciences, 5(1):145-153, 2013.

3. M. H. Kabir, A. Afroz , and L. S. Andallah, A Finite Difference Scheme
for a Macroscopic Traffic Flow Model based on a Nonlinear Density-Velocity
Relationship. Bangladesh J. Sci. Ind. Res., 47(3): 339-346, 2012.

4. M. H. Kabir, A. Afroz, M. M. Hossain and M. O. Gani, A Finite Difference
Scheme for One Dimensional Heat Equation. ULAB Journal of Science and
Engineering, 1(1): 54-60, 2010.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Teaching Mathematics and conducting research

Workshop and Conference Attended

2019 Japan Bifurcation and hysteresis sets of Euler buckling problem, Annual Meeting of the Mathematical Society of Japan, 2019, Tokyo Institute of Technology,
2018 Japan Joint meeting of Mathematical Society of Japan, MEXT, JSIAM, IMI (Kyushu U.), AiMap, FMSP (U. Tokyo), MIMS (Meiji U.), and Keidanren., Meiji University,
2018 Kobe, Japan Real Algebraic Geometry and Singularity Theory Symposium 2018, Hyogo University of Teacher Education
2018 Kobe, Japan The 7th Kobe Singularity Group Meeting, Hyogo University of Teacher Education,
2011 Bangladesh 17th Mathematics Conference, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh,
2008 Bangldesh International Conference on Statistical Sciences, North South University, Bangladesh


Mathematical Society of Japan
Bangladesh Mathematical Society

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