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Nova Ahmed

Country of origin: Bangladesh Currently in: Bangladesh, Dhaka General field of specialization: Computing and Information Technology
Academic Background


2010 Doctorate Computing and Information Technology
2004 Master Computing and Information Technology
2002 Undergraduate Computing and Information Technology
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Computing and Information Technology

* Working on mobile computing for healthcare, support and utility * Working on systems to support women and children working on privacy, security and wellbeing * Working on sensor systems that are low cost to work in developing countries to deal with natural disasters like flood.

Research Keywords: 
Feminist HCI
Mobile Computing

Publications resulting from Research: 

Recent Selected Publications

[1] Sambasivan, N., Checkley, G., Batool, A., Gaytán-Lugo, L. S., Matthews, T., Consolvo, S., & Churchill, E. (2018, August). “Privacy is not for me, it’s for those rich women”: Performative Privacy Practices on Mobile Phones by Women in South Asia. In Fourteenth Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security ({SOUPS} 2018). USENIX} Association.

[2]Sambasivan, N., Checkley, G., Ahmed, N., & Batool, A. (2017). Gender equity in technologies: considerations for design in the global south. interactions, 25(1), 58-61. [PDF]

[3]Hossain, Mohammad Sorowar, Md Mahbub Hasan, Muhammad Sougatul Islam, Salequl Islam, Miliva Mozaffor, Md Abdullah Saeed Khan, Nova Ahmed et al. "Chikungunya outbreak (2017) in Bangladesh: Clinical profile, economic impact and quality of life during the acute phase of the disease." PLoS neglected tropical diseases 12, no. 6 (2018): e0006561.

[4]Abeer, I. A., Saha, A., Sinha, A., & Ahmed, N. (2018, September). Reinforcement based learning through communicative Android app for autism personnel. In Proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services Adjunct (pp. 132-138). ACM.

[5] Ahmed, N., Raheem, E., Rahman, N., Khan, M. Z. R., Mosabbir, A. A., & Hossain, M. S. (2018). Managing autism spectrum disorder in developing countries by utilizing existing resources: A perspective from Bangladesh. Autism, 1362361318773981.

[6]Ahmed, N., Ghosh, S., Hassan, R. A., Galib, S. I., Azad, A. K., & Syrus, M. A. (2017). A gradient sensing middleware to handle flash flood. Computers & Electrical Engineering, 62, 44-52. [PDF]

[7]Ahmed, N., Syrus, M. A., & Chowdhury, A. (2017, July). Simple Group Photo Sharing Using Facesense. In Computer Software and Applications Conference (COMPSAC), 2017 IEEE 41st Annual (Vol. 1, pp. 845-850). IEEE.

[8]Ahmed, N., Siddiquee, M. R., Karim, R., Zaman, M., Alam, S. M., & Ashram, S. F. (2017, June). Crazy Crowd Sourcing to Mitigate Resource Scarcity. In Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS), 2017 IEEE 37th International Conference on (pp. 2322-2326). IEEE.

[9] Ahmed, Syed Ishtiaque, Nova Ahmed, Faheem Hussain, and Neha Kumar. "Computing beyond gender-imposed limits." In Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Computing within Limits, p. 6. ACM, 2016.

[10]Ahmed, Syed Ishtiaque, Steven J. Jackson, Nova Ahmed, Hasan Shahid Ferdous, Md Rashidujjaman Rifat, A. S. M. Rizvi, Shamir Ahmed, and Rifat Sabbir Mansur. "Protibadi: A platform for fighting sexual harassment in urban Bangladesh." In Proceedings of the 32nd annual ACM conference on Human factors in computing systems, pp. 2695-2704. ACM, 2014.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Associate Professor at North South University, Bangladesh