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Mayada Ali

Country of origin: Sudan Currently in: Sudan, Khartoum General field of specialization: Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
Academic Background


2010 Undergraduate Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
2017 Master Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences

We conduct Studies on the disease vectors such as Mosquitoes, Snails and Sand flies. also studies on the epidemiology of tropical diseases for example: Malaria, Schistosomasis, Trypanosomiasis, TB and Leishmaniasis. Inaddition to genetically studies on both parasite and vector.

Publications resulting from Research: 

Widaa, S. O., Ahmed, K. A., Bari, A. A. E., Ali, M. M., Ibrahim, M. A. Bashir, M. A., Mastour, A. H. A., Yagi, Z. A. & Hassan, M. M. (2012). Sand flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) fauna in focus of visceral leishmaniasis in White Nile State, Sudan. Memorias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Collection, rearing and identification of Sand flies, snails and Mosquitoes

Workshop and Conference Attended

2020 KEMRI Institute, Kisumu, Kenya Epidemiology and Biostatistic course
2020 Khartoum, Sudan Sustainability leadership masterclass workshop
2018 Triste, Italy Molecular Biology of Leishmania workshop
2017 Khartoum, Sudan Operational Management of Clinical Research and its Ethical Implications
2019 Khartoum, Sudan Sudan Smart Development Conference
2019 Khartoum, Sudan The 9 International conference on Biotechnology and Its Role in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals in the Arab World
2017 Wad Medani State, Sudan African Association of Insect Scientists (AAIS) 22nd Scientific Conference


University of Khartoum

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