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Kleinsy Bonilla

Country of origin: Guatemala Currently in: Brazil, Campinas General field of specialization: Social and Economic Sciences
Academic Background


2015 Doctorate Social and Economic Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Social and Economic Sciences

Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, Science and Technology Capacity Building in Developing Countries, Science-Technology and Research for Socio-economic developing, Science and Technology International Cooperation

Publications resulting from Research: 

Bonilla, K. and Kwak, J. S.. (2014). Challenges of Highly Educated Human Resources
in Guatemala. Asian Journal of Latin American Studies, 27 (3), 17-43.

Bonilla, K. and Kwak, J. S. (2015). Effectiveness of Donor Support for Capacity
Development in Guatemala: A Study of Scholarship Provision for Overseas Postgraduate Education. Iberoamericana, 1, 293-344

Bonilla, K. and Serafim, M. P. (2018). Análises das políticas de formação de alto nível de
capital humano em ciência e tecnologia na Guatemala: desafios e oportunidades. Reflexiones Coyunturales Lationamericanas. Pedro & João Editores. 189-217

Bonilla, K., Bin, A., Salles-Filho, S. (2018). Building Science, Technology, and Research
Capacity in Developing Countries: Evidence from student mobility and international cooperation between Korea and Guatemala. STI Policy Review. Vol. 9 (1). 99-132

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Higher Education Study

Workshop and Conference Attended

2009 Suwon, South Korea International Networking, Academy and Cooperation for Development


International Network of Guatemalan Scientists and Researchers

Presentation given

Human Capacity Formation for Development, the Case of Guatemala
Guatemala City
Event: International Congress
Prizes, Grants and Awards

Other Awards

Dec 2017
STEPI Fellowship Award Korea Sciente and Technology Policy Institute
Fellowship with financing for publication
May 2018
First Prize Essay Competition BCIE-SIECA
Feb 2018
Posdoctoral Research Fellowship - Federal Government of Brazil
EB Role

Elected Vice-President

Latin America & Caribbean 2021 to 2025

OWSD 6th General Assembly certificate: download

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