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Arely Cardenas

Country of origin: Mexico Currently in: Mexico, Queretaro General field of specialization: Chemical Sciences
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2018 Chemical Sciences
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1. Cárdenas A, Gomez M, Frontana C (2014) Electrochemical Method to Quantify Antioxidants Employing Cupric Reducing Antioxidant Capacity, CUPRAC. Procedia Chemistry 12 (0):62-65. doi:

2. Cárdenas A, Gómez M, Frontana C (2014) Development of an Electrochemical Cupric Reducing Antioxidant Capacity Method (CUPRAC) for Antioxidant Analysis. Electrochim Acta 128 (0):113-118. doi:

3. Cárdenas A, Gómez M, Frontana C (2014) Relationship between the chemical structures of antioxidants and the differences in their Cupric Ion Reducing Antioxidant Capacity (CUPRAC) by electrochemical methods. J Electroanal Chem 729 (0):116-120. doi:

4. Cardenas-Robles A, Martinez E, Rendon-Alcantar I, Frontana C, Gonzalez-Gutierrez L (2013) Development of an activated carbon-packed microbial bioelectrochemical system for azo dye degradation. Bioresour Technol 127 (0):37-43. doi:

5. Gonzalez-Gutierrez L, Frontana C, Martínez E, Cardenas-Robles A (2014) Microbial Bioelectrochemical Reactor for Wastewater Treatment Applications. Procedia Chemistry 12 (0):73-79. doi:

Current profession

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Construction of an electrochemical sensor to quantify antioxidant capacity, employing silver nanoparticles