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Paula Echeverría-Galindo

Country of origin: Guatemala Currently in: Germany, Braunschweig General field of specialization: Biological Systems and Organisms
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2017 Master Interdisciplinary
2017 Undergraduate Biological Systems and Organisms
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Biological Systems and Organisms

Modern and paleoecology of multiple freshwater bioindicators (Arcellinidae-thecamoebas, Ostracoda, Chironomidae). International Continental Drilling Project -ICDP- (Lake Nam Co-Tibet, Lake Chalco-Mexico, Lake Nicaragua, Lake Izabal-Guatemala). Research regions: Tibetan Plateau (Tibet), Selva Lacandona (Mexico), Montebello (Mexico), Petén (Guatemala).

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. Anslan, S., Azizi Rad, M., Buckel, J., Echeverria Galindo, P., Kai, J., Kang, W., Keys, L., Maurischat, P., Nieberding, F., Reinosch, E., Tang, H., Tran, T. V., Wang, Y., and Schwalb, A. 2020. Reviews and syntheses: How do abiotic and biotic processes respond to climaticvariations at the Nam Co catchment (Tibetan Plateau)? Biogeosciences Discuss.,
2. Cohuo, S., Macario-Gonzalez, L., Wagner, S., Naumann, K., Echeverria, P., Pérez, L., Curtis, J., Brenner, M., and Schwalb, A. 2020. Influence of late Quaternary climate on the biogeography of Neotropical aquatic species as reflected by non-marine ostracodes. Biogeosciences Discuss.,
3. Echeverría-Galindo P., Pérez L., Correa-Metrio A., Avendaño C., Moguel B., Brenner M., Cohuo S., Macario L., Caballero M., Schwalb A. 2019. Tropical freshwater ostracodes as environmental indicators across an altitude gradient in Guatemala and Mexico. International Journal of Tropical Biology and Conservation, Rev.Biol.Trop.
4. Charqueño-Celis, N., Garibay, M., Sigala, I., Brenner, M., Echeverria-Galindo, P., Lozano, S., Massaferro, J., Pérez, L. 2019. Testate amoebae (Amoebozoa: Arcellinidae) as indicators of dissolved oxygen concentration and water depth in lakes of the Lacandón Forest, southern México. Journal of Limnology,
5. Díaz A., Pérez L., Correa-Metrio A., Franco-Gaviria J., Echeverría P., Curtis J., Brenner M. 2017. Holocene environmental history of tropical, mid-altitude. Lake Ocotalito, Mexico, inferred from ostracodes and non-biological indicators. The Holocene,

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