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Mai El-Naggar

Country of origin: Egypt Currently in: Egypt, Mansoura General field of specialization: Chemical Sciences
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2018 Doctorate Chemical Sciences
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Chemical Sciences

Publications resulting from Research: 

-El-Naggar, M. H.; Elgaml, A.; Abdel Bar, F. M. and Badria, F. A. (2018). "Antimicrobial and antiquorum-sensing activity of Ricinus communis extracts and ricinine derivatives" Natural Product Research: 1-7.
- El-Naggar, M. H.; Mira, A.; Abdel Bar, F. M.; Shimizu, K.; Amer, M. M. and Badria, F. A. (2017). "Synthesis, docking, cytotoxicity, and LTA4H inhibitory activity of new gingerol derivatives as potential colorectal cancer therapy" Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 25(3): 1277-1285.
- Abdel Bar F. M.; El-Naggar M. H. and Badria F. A.; (2015). "Gingerols: New Therapeutics Applications" LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, Germany.
- Ibrahim, A. S.; Sobh, M. A.; Eid, H. M.; Salem, A.; Elbelasi, H. H.; El-naggar, M. H.; AbdelBar, F. M.; Sheashaa, H.; Sobh, M. A. and Badria, F. A. (2014). "Gingerol-derivatives: emerging new therapy against human drug-resistant MCF-7" Tumor Biology 35(10): 9941-9948.
- Badria, F. A.; El-Naggar, M. H.; Abdel Bar F. M. and Amer M. M.; (2014). "New Gingerol Derivative and Other Related Compounds from Zingiber officinale" Journal of drug discovery and therapeutics 2(13): 53-59.

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