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Mohamed El-Sherbiny

Country of origin: Egypt Currently in: Egypt, Cairo General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
Academic Background


2017 Doctorate Agricultural Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Agricultural Sciences

My research focuses on the modulation of the bioactive compounds present in ruminant products (milk and meat). Additionally, to decrease the impact of livestock on the environment and climate change by introducing innovative natural solutions to mitigate greenhouse gases produced through enteric fermentation.

Publications resulting from Research: 

Bryszak M., Szumacher-Strabel M., El-Sherbiny M., Stochmal A., Oleszek W., Roj E., Patra A., Cieslak A. (2019). Effects of berry seed residues on ruminal fermentation, methane concentration, milk production and fatty acid proportions in the rumen and milk of dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science, 102(2):1257-1273.
Szczechowiak J., Szkudelska K., Szumacher-Strabel M., Sadkowski S., Gwozdz K., El-Sherbiny M., Kozłowska M., Rodriguez V., Cieslak A. (2018). Blood hormones, metabolic parameters and fatty acid proportion in dairy cows fed condensed tannins and oils blend. Annals of Animal Science 18(1): 155-166.
Marrez D.A., Cieslak A., Gawad R., Ebeid H.M., Chrenkova M., Gao M., Yanza Y.R., El-Sherbiny M., Szumacher-Strabel M. (2017). Short communication: Effect of freshwater microalgae Nannochloropsis limnetica on the rumen fermentation in vitro. Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences 26: 359-364.
El-Sherbiny M., Cieslak A., Pers‐Kamczyc E., Szczechowiak J., Kowalczyk D., Szumacher-Strabel M. (2016). Short Communication: Nanoemulsified form of oil blends positively affects the fatty acid profile in ruminal batch cultures. Journal of Dairy Science 99: 399–407.
El-Sherbiny M., Cieslak A., Szczechowiak J., Kolodziejski P., Szulc P. Szumacher-Strabel M. (2016). Effect of nanoemulsified oils addition on rumen fermentation and fatty acid proportion in a rumen simulation technique. Journal of Animal and Feed Sciences, 25(2): 116-124.
Szczechowiak J., Szumacher-Strabel M., El-Sherbiny M., Pers-Kamczyc E., Pawlak P., Cieslak A. (2016). Rumen fermentation, methane concentration and fatty acid proportion in the rumen and milk of dairy cows fed condensed tannin and /or fish-soybean oils blend. Animal Feed Science and Technology 216; 93–107.
Szczechowiak J., Szumacher-Strabel M., El-Sherbiny M., Bryszak M., Stochmal A., Cieslak A. (2016). Effect of dietary supplementation with Saponaria officinalis root on rumen and milk fatty acid proportion in dairy cattle. Animal Science Papers and Reports, 34(3):221-232.
Cieslak A., Zmora P., Matkowski A., Nawrot-Hadzik I., Pers-Kamczyc E., El-Sherbiny M., Bryszak M., and Szumacher-Strabel M. (2016). Tannins from sanguisorba officinalis affect in vitro rumen methane production and fermentation. Journal of Animal and Plant Sciences, 26(1): 54-62.
Cieslak A., El-Sherbiny M., Szczechowiak J., Kowalczyk D., Pers-Kamczyc E., Bryszak M., Szulc P., Szumacher-Strabel M., (2015). Rapeseed and fish oils mixture supplied at low dose can modulate milk fatty acid composition without affecting rumen fermentation and productive parameters in dairy cows. Animal Science Papers and Reports, 33(4): 357-372.

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