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Aida Gonzalez-Mellado

Country of origin: Mexico Currently in: Germany, Braunschweig General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
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2019 Agricultural Sciences
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Agricultural Sciences

At the Thünen Institute of Market Analysis, we concentrate on assessing how policy changes impact agri-food markets, and how markets can adjust. For these purposes we use partial and general equilibrium models. These tools provide a framework to analyse the status quo of food security in their home countries and to develop strategies to improve in a sustainable manner the current food security situation. Key elements of this project are methodology and knowledge transfer with colleagues from our partner countries. Establishing a Scientific based Policy Advice Network with local partners should be the outcome of these co-operations. In the area of Food Security our main objective is adapt the models and methodology established in Germany for their use in developing countries. My main tasks are launching of capacity building activities to to share some tools with our cooperation partners from some sub-Saharan countries.

Research Keywords: 
agricultural markets
capacity building
food security
economic modelling

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TWAS Awards

Aug 2008
2nd place of research on agricultural economics (Mexico) Ernst Feder Award