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Firas Natheer Abdulkadir Hassan Agha Hassan Agha

Country of origin: Iraq Currently in: Iraq, Mosul General field of specialization: Engineering sciences
Academic Background


2013 Master Engineering sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Engineering sciences

Microelectronics and Nanotechnology

Publications resulting from Research: 

Enhancement Performance of High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) Based on Dimensions Downscaling
Abdul-kadir, F.N. , Jamil, N.Y. , Al Taan, L.M. , Jabbar, W.A.
International Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Telecommunications, 2023, 12(4), pp. 257–263

Characterization of silicon tunnel field effect transistor based on charge plasma
Abdul-Kadir, F.N. , Taha, F.H.
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2022, 25(1), pp. 138–143

Review of Nanosheet Transistors Technology
Agha, F.N.A.H. , Naif, Y.H. , Shakib, M.N.
Tikrit Journal of Engineering Sciences, 2021, 28(1), pp. 40–48

Temperature characteristics of Gate all around nanowire channel Si-TFET
Agha, F.N.A.-K. , Hashim, Y. , Abdullah, W.A.S.
Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2021, 1755(1), 012045

Electrical characterization of si nanowire GAA-TFET based on dimensions downscaling
Abdul-Kadir, F.N. , Hashim, Y. , Shakib, M.N. , Taha, F.H.
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2021, 11(1), pp. 780–787

Investigation and design of ion-implanted MOSFET based on (18 nm) channel length
Abdul-Kadir, F.N. , Mohammad, K.K. , Hashim, Y.
Telkomnika (Telecommunication Computing Electronics and Control), 2020, 18(5), pp. 2635–2641

Temperature Impact on the ION/IOFF Ratio of Gate All around Nanowire TFET
Agha, F.N.A.-K. , Hashim, Y. , Shakib, M.N.
IEEE International Conference on Semiconductor Electronics, Proceedings, ICSE, 2020, 2020-July, pp. 61–64, 9166887

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