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Emma Charlene Lubaale

Country of origin: Uganda Currently in: South Africa, Grahamstown General field of specialization: Social and Economic Sciences
Academic Background


2015 Doctorate Social and Economic Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities


My current areas of interest in terms of research are law generally with specific focus on international criminal law, constitutional law, human rights law, legal research and criminal law.

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. EC Lubaale ‘Admissibility of evidence presented by children in sex abuse prosecutions in Uganda: The case for reforms’ (2015) Volume 5 African Journal of Law and Criminology pp.1-14. (Peer reviewed Journal).
2. EC Lubaale ‘Restorative justice and cases of serious offending: A South African and Canadian perspective’ (2017) Volume 38 Obiter Law Journal pp. 296 - 323 (DHET accredited Journal).
3. EC Lubaale ‘Limitations on mandates of national human rights institutions: Perhaps a reconsideration is overdue’ (2014) Volume 20 East African Journal of Peace and Human Rights pp.17-43 (Peer reviewed Journal).
4. EC Lubaale ‘The recognition of the right of children to freedom from child labour in Africa: Is it enough?’ (2015) Afrika Focus pp.23-43 (IBSS accredited Journal).
5. EC Lubaale ‘Bokolo v S 2014 (1) SACR 66 (SCA): The practicality of challenging DNA evidence in court’ (2015) South African Crime Quarterly pp. 39-47 (DHET accredited Journal).
6. GP Stevens & EC Lubaale ‘Revisiting the historical context surrounding the development of the ultimate issue rule to inform its future in South African law of evidence’ (2015) Fundamina: A Journal of Legal History pp. 94-117 (DHET accredited Journal).
7. GP Stevens & EC Lubaale ‘Behavioural science evidence in child sexual abuse prosecutions in South Africa: A jurisprudential and comparative insight’ (2015) Obiter Journal pp.25-51 (DHET accredited Journal).
8. EC Lubaale ‘Beyond rhetoric to understanding Uganda’s dilemma to decriminalise consensual homosexual acts’ (2017) Afrika Focus pp. 75-97 (IBSS accredited Journal)
9. EC Lubaale ‘Incidence of false child sexual abuse allegations: The case for rationality in the prosecution of child sexual offences’ (2016) Volume 49 De Jure pp.74-94 (DHET accredited Journal).
10. GP Stevens & EC Lubaale ‘Post-traumatic stress disorder in child sexual abuse prosecutions: gaps and opportunities’ (2016)17 Child Abuse Research in South Africa: A South African Journal pp. 1-9 (DHET accredited Journal).
11. CU Mokoena & EC Lubaale ‘Decolonising prisons in South Africa: The need for effective bail affordability inquiries’ (2019)66 South African Crime Quarterly 31-40 (DHET and SCIELO accredited Journal).
12. EC Lubaale ‘Strengthening the protective mandate of national human rights institutions: Lessons from Uganda, Kenya and Ghana’ (2016) Volume 5 Kenya Law Review Journal pp. 133-156 (Peer reviewed Journal).
13. EC Lubaale ‘The first cultural-property conviction at the ICC: an analysis of the Al Mahdi judgment’ (2016) South African Yearbook of International Law pp. 126-164 (DHET accredited Journal).
14. EC Lubaale ‘The crime of attempted suicide in Uganda: the need for reforms to the law’ (2017) volume 4 Journal of Law Society and Development pp.1-19 (Peer reviewed Journal based at UNISA).
15. EC Lubaale ‘Military Courts and Prosecution of Offences by National Defense Forces in the Dawn of the Complementarity Regime: The Case of Uganda’ (2017) Criminal Law Forum pp.709-746 (IBSS accredited).
16. EC Lubaale ‘The need for a contextual approach in identifying street-connected children for intervention’ (2016) International Journal of African Renaissance Studies pp.70-86 (IBSS accredited).
17. EC Lubaale ‘The advent of plea bargaining in Uganda: Is Uganda’s criminal justice system cognizant of what it is up against?’ (2016) East African Journal of Peace and Human Rights page 1-25 (Peer Reviewed Journal).
18. EC Lubaale “The dominant role of commanders in the Sudanese military justice system and accountability for international crimes” (2018) Volume 26 African Journal of International and Comparative Law 391-406. (IBSS and DHET accredited journal).
19. EC Lubaale “Accountability in national courts for international crimes against children” (2018) volume 31 Acta Criminologica pp. 170-184 (DHET accredited).
20. SD Mavundla & EC Lubaale ‘Decriminalization of cannabis for personal use in South Africa’ (2018) African Human Rights Journal (in press) (IBSS and DHET accredited journal)
21. Crystal Mokoena and Emma Charlene Lubaale ‘Extradition in the absence of state agreements: Provisions in international treaties on extradition” (2019)67 South African Crime Quarterly 31-42 (DHET and SCIELO Accredited).
22. Emma Charlene Lubaale “Reconceptualising “discipline” to inform an approach to corporal punishment that strikes a balance between children’s rights and parental rights” (2019) Child Abuse Research in South Africa: A Southern African Journal pp. 36-50 (DHET accredited Journal).
23. Emma Charlene Lubaale, “Advancing of LGBTI Rights through Corporate Social Responsibility in Uganda” in M Addaney (eds) Women and Minority Rights Law in Africa: Re-Imagining Equality and Addressing Discrimination page 125-143, (2019 Eleven Publishing).
24. Charlotte Kabaseke and Emma Charlene Lubaale, “Making a case for recognition of women’s contribution in the legal framework for environmental conservation (in Uganda)” (2019) Stellenbosch Law Review (In press).
25. Emma Charlene Lubaale ‘Making the case for mental health expertise in determining sentences in crimen iniuria cases: Insights from the Viki Momberg case’ De Jure (In press).

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
I research and teach in the fields of international criminal law, constitutional law, human rights law, legal research and criminal law. I am also involved in academic administration. Testament of this is the fact that I am currently the head of Department of Jurisprudence at the School of Law and University of Venda. I also Chair the Teaching and Learning Committee at the School of Law, This Committee seeks to quality Assure the teaching and learning practice of law at the University of Venda.

Workshop and Conference Attended

2018 Canada International Conference on legal pluralism held at the University of Ottawa between 20 and 25 August 2018 during which I presented a paper titled “Ongwen, a former child soldier before the ICC: Can international criminal court proceedings and traditional
2018 Cape Town, South Africa National Conference at the University of the Western Cape between 14 and 15th August 2018 on Access to food for students in South African tertiary institutions, during which I presented a paper titled “NSFAS: Beyond just a loan but students’ right to acce
2018 Bloemfontein, South Africa National Conference at the University of the Free State on Global Leadership and Higher Education held between 08th – 14th of July 2018 in which I presented a paper titled “reflections on the decision in the case of YG v S on corporal punishment: traditio
2017 Mozambique 4th Regional Conference on “Social Rights and Social Protection: The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility for the Enhancement of Social Protection and the Fight against Social Exclusion in Local Communities” held between 29-30 November 2017 at the Univ
2017 Johannesburg, South Africa CRIMSA International biennial conference held between 2-4 August 2017 at Indaba Hotel, Spa and Conference Centre - William Nicol Dr and Pieter Wenning Road, Fourways, Johannesburg, during which I presented a paper titled “Beyond criminalization and migrat


Presentation given

The African Regional Human Rights System and the rights of migrant children
Online between Belgium and South Africa
Event: Collaborative online learning program for law masters degree students between the University of Antwerp in Belgium and the University of Venda in South Africa
Prizes, Grants and Awards

Other Awards

Aug 2019
Certificate of commendation for 2019 National Excellence in Teaching and Learning for contribution to good teaching. Commendation issued by the Center for Higher Education (CHE) and the Higher Education Learning and Teaching Association of South Africa (H
The Certificate is for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, in particular, for contribution to good teaching in higher education.
Jul 2018
Award winner of the Vice Chancellor’s Teaching and Learning Awards at the University of Venda
The award for excellence in teaching Law at the university of Venda.
Dec 2011
Award winner of the best dissertation in the LLM programme in Human rights at the University of Pretoria (Keba Mbaye prize winner)
The award was in respect of writing the best dissertation in the masters degree programme in Human rights at the University of Pretoria.
Jan 2009
Best female Law student and third overall in the Class of 2009, Makerere University school of Law
The award was for best female Law student and third overall in the Class of 2009 for the Bachelors Degree in Law at Makerere University school of Law, Uganda.
Nov 2019
First Black Female National Research Foundation Rated Researcher at the School of Law, University of Venda
The rating is for recognition by the national research foundation of South Africa for quality and impactful research in the field of law.