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Valentine Nyirahafashimana

Country of origin: Rwanda Currently in: Rwanda, Nyarugenge/Kigali General field of specialization: Physics
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2017 Undergraduate Physics
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Master thesis, Electroweak gauge boson W^PM, and Z why are they needed; Standard Model (SM) prediction of their properties; experimental measurements of their properties; the impact of these measurements on other observables - Fermi constant, Higgs VEV, Weinberg angle, etc.; the impact of these precision measurements on the properties of a hypothetical additional massive gauge boson (e.g., a sequential Z' boson

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not yet

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Higher Education Study

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2018 Kigali OWSD Career Development Workshop


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Nov 2018
OWSD Master Fellowship
I have a very appreciated OWSD Organisation for helping the young female to reach their goals for giving the fellowship in studying as a student from the Developing country. Thank you very much. we are here to follow you on that line for helping the other young female and to construct the strong force of OWSD.
OWSD 6th General Assembly certificate: download

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