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Elizabeth Asantewaa Obeng

Country of origin: Ghana Currently in: Ghana, Kumasi General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
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2017 Doctorate Agricultural Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Agricultural Sciences

My current research focuses on social-natural resources interactions particularly in areas of environmental conservation and management of forest resources. Expertise include the application of econometric principles in the study of human dimensions and forest resource use and other natural resources.

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. Obeng, E.A., Obiri, B.D., Oduro, K.A., Pentsil, S., Anglaaere, L.C.N., Foli, E.G. and Ofori, D.A. 2020. Economic value of non-market ecosystem services derived from trees on cocoa farms. Current Research in Environmental Sustainability 2(100019): 1-15.
2. Oduro, K.A., Damnyag, L., Abukari, H., Abbey, A., Obeng, E.A., Twumasi-Ankra, A. and Foli, E.G. 2020. Livelihood assets and predicted effects of REDD+ implementation in farming communities in the transition and high forest zones of Ghana. Ghana Journal of Forestry, 36(1): 34 – 57.
3. Obeng, E.A., Oduro, K.A. and Darko Obiri, B. 2019. Application of the theory of planned behavior in predicting US residents’ willingness to pay to restore degraded tropical rainforest watersheds. Journal of Sustainable Development 12 (6): 62-81
4. Darko Obiri, B, Obeng, EA, Nunoo, I, Peprah, T. and Opuni Frimpong, E. 2018. Financial analysis of fuelwood production from woodlots in the Savanna Transition Zone of Ghana. Ghana Journal of Forestry, 34 (1), 58-72.
5. Aguilar, F.X., Obeng, E.A., & Cai, Z. 2018. Water quality improvements elicit consistent willingness-to-pay for the enhancement of forested watershed ecosystem services. Ecosystem Services, 30, 158-171
6. Obeng, E.A. Aguilar, F.X. and McCann L.M. 2018. Payments for forest ecosystem services: a look at neglected existence values, the free-rider problem and beneficiaries’ willingness to pay. International Forestry Review 20(2), 2018
7. Obeng, E.A. and Aguilar, F.X. 2018. Value orientation and payment for ecosystem services: Perceived detrimental consequences lead to willingness-to-pay for ecosystem services. Journal of Environmental Management 206C (2018): 458-471.
8. Dumenu, W.K. and Obeng, E.A. 2016. Climate change and rural communities in Ghana: Social vulnerability, impacts, adaptations and policy implications. Environmental Science & Policy 55: 208-217.
9. Obeng, E.A. and Aguilar, F.X. 2015. Marginal effects on biodiversity, carbon sequestration and nutrient cycling of transitions from tropical forests to cacao farming systems. Agroforestry Systems 89 (1): 19-35.
10. Obeng, E.A. and Weber, M. 2014. Socio-economic factors affecting agroforestry adoption by smallholder farmers in Ghana. Ghana Journal of Forestry 30 (1): 43-60.
11. Obiri, B.D., Agyeman, V.K., Kyereh, B., Nutakor, E., Obeng, E.A., Agyeman, A. and Acquah, S.B. 2011. Perception and participation of local communities in tree planting initiatives in northern Ghana. Ghana Journal of Forestry 27 (3): 80-93.
12. Obeng, E.A., Kobina, J.K. and Pentsil, S. 2011. Carving out indigenous tree species to sustain rural livelihood. Ghana Journal of Forestry 27 (2): 85-96.
13. Obeng, E.A. Marfo, E., Nelson, O., and Nantwi, G.B. 2014. Assessment of the Effectiveness of Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue. Tropenbos International, Wageningen, the Netherlands, ISBN: 978-90-5113-117-8, 82pp.
14. Obiri, B.D., Nunoo, I., Obeng, E.A., Owusu, F.W. and Marfo, E. 2014. The charcoal industry in Ghana: An alternative livelihood option for displaced illegal chanisaw lumber producers. Tropenbos International, Wageningen, the Netherlands, ISBN: 978-90-5113-122-2, 132pp.
15. Beeko, C., Oduro, K.A. and Obeng, E.A. 2014. Development assistance in the forestry sector: impacts over the last two decades and implications for the future. CSIR-FORIG, Kumasi, Ghana. ISBN: 978-9988-2-0206-4, xii+42pp.

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