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Dorcas Obiri-Yeboah

Country of origin: Ghana Currently in: Ghana, Cape Coast General field of specialization: Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
Academic Background


2016 Doctorate Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
2008 Master Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
2004 Undergraduate Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences

Sexually transmitted infections with focus on HIV, HPV and viral hepatitis

Publications resulting from Research: 

Obiri-Yeboah D, Awuku YA, Adjei G, Cudjoe O, Benjamin AH, Obboh E, et al. (2019). Post Hepatitis B vaccination sero-conversion among health care workers in the Cape Coast Metropolis of Ghana. PloS one.14 (6):e0219148.

Compaore, T. R., Soubeiga, S., Ouattara, A., Tchelougou, D., Bisseye, C., Bakouan, D., Compaore, I., Dembele, A., Yonli, A., Obiri-Yeboah, D., Djigma, W., & Simpore, J. (2018). APOBEC3G expression and HIV-1 infection in Burkina Faso. Journal of Public Health in Africa, 9(3).

Obiri-Yeboah, D., Y. A. Awuku, W. Alofa, A. Charwudzi, E. Aniakwa-Bonsu, E. Obboh and P. Nsiah (2018). "Renal dysfunction among adult HIV/AIDS patients on antiretroviral therapy at a tertiary facility in Ghana." BMC Nephrology 19(1): 333.

Hagan, O., Nsiah, P., Obiri-Yeboah, D., Yirdong, F., Annan, I., Eliason, S., & Nuvor, S. (2018). Impact of universal childhood vaccination against hepatitis B in Ghana: A pilot study. Journal of Public Health in Africa, 9(2).

Soubeiga, S. T., Bazie, B. V., Compaore, T., Ouattara, A. K., Zohoncon, T., Obiri-Yeboah, D., Yonli, A., Zongo, A., Traore, L., Pietra, V., Akpona, S., Diagbouga, S., & Simpore, J. (2018). Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 drug resistance in a subset of mothers and their infants receiving antiretroviral treatment in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. Journal of Public Health in Africa, 9(1):767.

Obiri-Yeboah, D., F. Pappoe, I. Baidoo, F. Arthur, A. Hayfron-Benjamin, S. Essien-Baidoo, G. Kwakye-Nuako and S. A. Addo (2018). "Immunologic and virological response to ART among HIV infected individuals at a tertiary hospital in Ghana." BMC Infectious Diseases 18(1): 230.

Obiri-Yeboah, D., Asante Awuku, Y., Adu, J., Pappoe, F., Obboh, E. Nsiah, P., Amoako-Sakyi, D., Simpore, J. Sero-prevalence and risk factors for hepatitis E virus infection among pregnant women in the Cape Coast Metropolis, Ghana. PLOS ONE, 2018. 13(1): p. e0191685.

D. Obiri-Yeboah, P. K. Akakpo, M. Mutocheluh, E.Adjei-Danso, G. Allornuvor, D. Amoako-Sakyi, Y.Adu-Sarkodie and P. Mayaud. (2017). Epidemiology of cervical human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and squamous intraepithelial lesions (SIL) a cohort of HIV-infected and uninfected Ghanaian women. BMC Cancer. 17(1): p. 688.

Obiri-Yeboah, D., Adu-Sarkodie, Y., Djigma, F., Hayfron-Benjamin, A., Abdul, L., Simpore, J., & Mayaud, P. (2017). Self-collected vaginal sampling for the detection of genital human papillomavirus (HPV) using careHPV among Ghanaian women. BMC Womens Health, 17(1), 86.

Dorcas Obiri-Yeboah, Yaw Adu-Sarkodie, Florencia Djigma, Kafui Akakpo, Ebenezer Aniakwa-Bonsu, Daniel Amoako-Sakyi, Simpore Jacques, Philippe Mayaud. Options in human papillomavirus (HPV) detection for cervical cancer screening: comparison between full genotyping and a rapid qualitative HPV-DNA assay in Ghana. (March 23Rd, 2017). BMC Gynaecologic Oncology Research and Practice. 4(1): p. 5.

Current profession

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I am a senior lecturer at the University of Cape Coast. I teach in the filed of microbiology and immunology to both undergraduate and post graduate students. I have administrative duties too and then I also conduct research in my area of specialty.

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