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Bankole Oluwamolakun

Country of origin: Nigeria Currently in: Italy, Verona General field of specialization: Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
Academic Background


2016 Master Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
2013 Undergraduate Biological Systems and Organisms
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences

My research interest lies in understanding the processes involved in the pathogenesis of certain neurological disorders particularly neurodegenerative diseases, and investigating the pathogenic role of synaptic plasticity and neural circuitry alterations in the progression of these diseases. I started by studying Parkinson’s disease in rodent models and focusing on dopamine receptor regulation and the perturbation of the dopaminergic system. Presently, my research focuses on investigating novel issues related to the pathogenesis of the synaptopathy which characterizes Alzheimer’s disease. Using murine models of this disease and focusing on brain regions which have received little attention in Alzheimer’s disease studies, such as the diencephalon, I investigate the potential relationships between synaptic plasticity, the extracellular matrix which is considered to be a key player in synaptic plasticity, and vigilance states (sleep and wakefulness).

Publications resulting from Research: 

1. Laoye, B.J., Okurumeh, O.A., Obagaye, O.V., Olagunju, O.M., Bankole, O.O., Olubiyi O.O., Ogundele, O.M. (2016). Dopamine binds calmodulin during autoregulation of dopaminergic D2 receptor signaling through CaMKIIα-calmodulin complex. Journal of Receptor and Signal Transduction. 36:271-277. doi: 10.3109/10799893.2015.1091476 . PMID: 26446938

2. Olajide, O.J., Enaibe, B.U., Bankole, O.O., Akinola, O.B., Laoye, B.J., Ogundele, O.M. (2016). Kolaviron was protective against sodium azide (NaN3) induced oxidative stress in the prefrontal cortex. Metabolic Brain Disease. 31:25-35. doi: 10.1007/s11011-015-9674-0. PMID: 25916484

3. Adeniyi, P.A., Ishola, A.O., Laoye, B.J., Olatunji, B.P., Bankole, O.O., Shallie, P.D., Ogundele, O.M. (2015). Neural and behavioural changes in male periadolescent mice after prolonged nicotine-MDMA treatment. Metabolic Brain Disease. 31:93-107. doi: 10.1007/s11011-015-9691-z. PMID: 26088184

4. Ishola, O.A., Ademola, A.T., Allen, R.K., Laoye, B.J., Bankole, O.O., Ajao, M.S., Adeniyi, P.A. (2019). GABA Receptor Plasticity in Neuropathic pain: Pain and Memory Effects in Adult Female Rats. Egyptian Pharmaceutical Journal. 18: 8-15. doi: 10.4103/epj.epj_20_18

5. Bankole, O.O., Laoye, B.J., Sirjao, M.U., Ishola, A.O., Oyeleke, D.E., Balogun, W.G., Abdulbasit, A., Cobham, A.E., Akinrinade, I.D., Ogundele, O.M. (2015). Vitamin D 3 Receptor Activation Rescued Corticostriatal Neural Activity and Improved Motor Function in – D 2 R Tardive Dyskinesia Mice Model. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering. 8: 520-530. doi: 10.4236/jbise.2015.88049

6. Ishola, A.O., Laoye, B.J., Oyeleke, D.E., Bankole, O.O., Sirjao, M.U., Cobham, A.E., Balogun, W.G., Abdulbasit, A., Akinrinade, I.D., & Ogundele, O.M. (2015). Vitamin D 3 Receptor Activation Rescued Corticostriatal Neural Activity and Improved Motor-Cognitive Function in − D 2 R Parkinsonian Mice Model. Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering. 8: 601-615. doi: 10.4236/jbise.2015.89056

7. Laoye, B.J., Bankole, O.O., Ekundayo, E.A., Ishola, A.O. (2018). Inhibition of Dopamine Receptor in Neonate Hippocampus: Immunolocalization of Post Synaptic Density Protein-95 and Dopamine Receptor in vivo. Biology and Medicine (Aligarh). 10: 441-447. doi: 10.4172/0974-8369.1000441

8. Bankole, O.O., Ogunnusi, T., Laoye, B.J., Ishola, A.O., Poluyi, E. (2018). Defect in Synaptic Pruning of Motor Cortex Neurons is Associated with Early Perturbed Dopaminergic System. Biology and Medicine (Aligarh). 10: 449-455. doi: 10.4172/0974-8369.1000449

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Higher Education Study
Presently a PhD student in the department of Neuroscience, Biomedicine and Movements Sciences at the University of Verona, Italy.

Workshop and Conference Attended

2015 Ekiti state, Nigeria 13TH Annual Conference of the Neuroscience Society Of Nigeria (NSN), (November 11th to 14th, 2015).


Neuroscience society of Nigeria (NSN)
Society of Neuroscientist in Africa (SONA)

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