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Alicia Ponte-Sucre

Country of origin: Venezuela Currently in: Venezuela, Caracas General field of specialization: Medical and Health Sciences incl Neurosciences
Academic Background


1978 Undergraduate Biological Systems and Organisms
1981 Master Biological Systems and Organisms
1993 Doctorate Biological Systems and Organisms
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Biological Systems and Organisms

My interests have been focused towards the biochemical characterization of i) enzymes associated with parasite metabolism, ii) membrane transporters essential for parasite survival or involved in the development of resistance to drugs, and iii) proteins involved in cellular differentiation and parasite-host interaction. Additionally she has analyzed functional phenomena involved in host-parasite interactions and characterized natural products and target-oriented designed compounds as potential therapeutic agents. All these studies have been performed using Leishmania and Trypanosoma as a model.

Publications resulting from Research: 

Since 2009:
1. Ponte-Sucre, A., Gulder, T., Wegehaupt, A., Albert, C., Rikanović, C., Schaeflein, L., Frank, A., Schultheis, M., Unger, M., Holzgrabe, U., Bringmann, G., Moll, H. Structure-Activity Relationship and Studies on the Molecular Mechanism of Leishmanicidal N,C-Coupled Arylisoquinolinium Salts. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 52:626-36, 2009.
2. Padrón-Nieves, M., Díaz, E., Machuca, C., Romero, A., Ponte-Sucre, A. Glibenclamide modulates glucantime activity and disposition in Leishmania major. Experimental Parasitology, 121:331-337, 2009.
3. Ponte-Sucre A. (Editor) ABC Transporters in Microorganisms: Research, Innovation and Value as Targets against Drug Resistance, Horizon Scientific Press, 2009.
4. Ponte-Sucre A, Padrón-Nieves M, Díaz E. ABC transporter blockers and reversal of drug resistance in microorganisms. In “ABC Transporters in Microorganisms: Research, Innovation and Value as Targets against Drug Resistance, Ed. Alicia Ponte-Sucre, Horizon Scientific Press, pp. 177-195, 2009.
5. Ponte-Sucre, A., Gulder, T., Gulder, T., Vollmers, T., Bringmann, G. Moll, H. Alterations on the structure of Leishmania major induced by N arylisoquinolines correlate with compound accumulation and disposition. Journal of Medical Microbiology, 59:69-75, 2010.
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8. Díaz, E., Köhidai, L., Ríos, A., Vanegas, O., Ponte-Sucre, A. Ensayos de quimiotaxis in vitro en Leishmania sp. Evaluación de la técnica de los capilares-dos cámaras en promastigotes”, Revista de la Facultad de Farmacia, UCV, 74: 31-40, 2011.
9. Ponte-Sucre, A., Díaz, E., Padrón Nieves, M. Quantitative Structure-Activity analysis of leishmanicidal compounds. In “Chemoinformatics: Directions Toward Combating Neglected Diseases”, Ed. Teodorico C. Ramalho. E-book, Bentham Sciences ISBN 978-1-60805-183-0. 33-48, 2012.,
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14. Padrón-Nieves, M., Ponte-Sucre, A. Marcadores de resistencia en Leishmania: Susceptibilidad in vitro a drogas leishmanicidas vs. retención de calceina en aislados de pacientes venezolanos con Leishmaniasis Cutánea Difusa. Archivos Venezolanos de Farmacología y Terapeutica (en prensa).
15. Díaz, E, Köhidai, L, Ríos A, Vanegas O, Silva, A, Szabó, R, Mező, G, Hudecz, H, Ponte-Sucre, A. Leishmania braziliensis: Cytotoxic and chemotactic effects of branched chain polypeptide conjugates with poly [L-Lysine] backbone. Experimental Parasitology, 135(1):134-141, 2013.
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18. Vanaerschot, M., Dumetz, F., Roy, S., Ponte-Sucre, A., Arevalo, J., Dujardin, J.C. Treatment failure in leishmaniasis: drug-resistance or another (epi-) phenotype? Expert Reviews Anti Infective Therapy, 12(8):937-46, 2014.
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Current profession

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Advisor for projects related to the description of antiviral, anti-tumor and immuno-modulatory activity of extracts from plants of the family Euphorbiaceae, and determination of the active compounds responsible for the biological activity. Full Professor in Human Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine, UCV. Lecturer at the Graduate Course of Cellular Biology, School of Biology, UCV; Graduate Courses of Pharmacology and Physiological Sciences at the Faculties of Pharmacy and Medicine, UCV, as well as invited lecturer in diverse courses and symposia and visiting Professor at Missio Institute, Würzburg, Germany. Member of academic committees at the Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Research Council and Rectorate, UCV; Vice-president of the Directorate of the University Foundation Fundadiagnóstica.