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Hafsa Riaz/Jamshaid

Country of origin: Pakistan Currently in: Pakistan, Faisalabad General field of specialization: Engineering sciences
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2016 Doctorate Engineering sciences
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Engineering sciences

Research topic interest in “Development of smart bandages for venous disorder”, which can be used inside human body with a special purpose, bandage will remain around a ruptured vein till it is rehabilitated and later on it will be decomposed by itself without affecting human body. This is specifically studied under medical textiles. Pakistan being a developing country need researches which will benefit its development.

Publications resulting from Research: 

1.Hafiz Shehbaz Ahmad, Hafsa Jamshaid, “Development of thermo-physiologically Comfortable Knit Structure for Sports Application” in Tekstil Ve Konfeksiyon” vol.29(2),pp.105-112, 2019.[IF =0.266]
2. Rashid Masood, Hafsa Jamshaid ,Muhammad Anam Khubaib, “Development of knitted vest fabrics for human body thermoregulation” Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry,, volV)(0123456789,-().volV),2019.[IF =2.471]
3. Hafsa Jamshaid, Rajesh Mishra,Sajid Hussain “Basalt Hybrid Woven Textile Materials for Advanced Thermal Applications” Indian journal of Fiber & Textile Research (IJFTR)Vol.44 March, 2019 . [IF=0.511]
4. Bilal Zahid, Hafsa Jamshaid, Abdul waqar Rajput, Muhamad Faizul Yahya,Shakeel Khatri, “Effect of cell size on tensile strength and elongation properties of honeycomb weave” , industria textile 1558,Issue 2, 2019.[IF=0.504]
5. Hafsa Jamshaid,Rajesh Mishra,jiri Milikitky,Tanveer Hussain, “Analysis of Basalt and Thermoplastic Hybrid composites” in Journal of Fibre Bioengineering and Informatics (JFBI) ,Vol.11 Issue, 3 , 2018.
6. Muhammad Tayyab Noman, Muhammad Azeem Ashraf, Hafsa Jamshaid, and Azam Ali, “A Novel Green Stabilization of TiO2 Nanoparticles onto Cotton”,Fibers and Polymers 2018, Vol.19, No.11, 2268-2277. .[IF=1.468]
7. Waseem Ibrahim, Zahid Sarwar, Asfandyar Khan, Ali Hassan, Abdul Azeem, Ahsan Nazir, Hafsa Jamshaid & Uzair Hussain, “A novel study of comparison properties of pigment and reactive dye printed cotton fabric” Journal of Natural Fibers 825-835 (2018) DOI:10.1080/15440478.2018.1440364 .[IF=1.252]
8. Abdul Waqar Rajput, Bilal Zahid, Hafsa Jamshaid, Usman Ali, Amir Abbas, Raja Fahad Qureshi, “Application of Taguchi method to investigate the effect of temperature, heating time, concentration and particle size on improved gel spinning process of UHMWPE" is published in industria textile NR 5, 2018 . [IF=0.504]

Current profession


Textile Institute ,UK
Pakistan Engineering council
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Jul 2018
Fellow of Textile Institute