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Paula Rodriguez Villamil

Country of origin: Colombia Currently in: United States, madison General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
Academic Background


2013 Doctorate Agricultural Sciences
2009 Master Other
2005 Undergraduate Other
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Agricultural Sciences

Director of IVF Research & Development team at Genus plc

Publications resulting from Research:

Purification of binder of sperm protein 1 (BSP1) and its effects on bovine in vitro embryo development after fertilization with ejaculated and epididymal sperm
P Rodríguez-Villamil, V Hoyos-Marulanda, JAM Martins, AN Oliveira, ...
Theriogenology 85 (3), 540-554 51 2016
Proteomic characterization of canine seminal plasma
A Aquino-Cortez, BQ Pinheiro, DBC Lima, HVR Silva, AC Mota-Filho, ...
Theriogenology 95, 178-186 34 2017
Effect of follicle wave synchronization and gonadotropin treatments on the number and quality of cumulus-oocyte complex obtained by ultrasound-guided ovum pick-up in beef cattle
FL Ongaratto, P Rodriguez-Villamil, A Tribulo, GA Bó
Animal Reproduction (AR) 12 (4), 876-883 22 2018
Developmental rates of in vivo and in vitro produced bovine embryos cryopreserved in ethylene glycol based solutions by slow freezing or solid surface vitrification
PR Villamil, D Lozano, JM Oviedo, FL Ongaratto, GA Bó
Animal Reproduction (AR) 9 (2), 86-92 21 2018
Solid‐Surface Vitrification and In‐Straw Dilution After Warming of In Vitro‐Produced Bovine Embryos
P Rodriguez‐Villamil, FL Ongaratto, M Fernandez Taranco, GA Bo
Reproduction in domestic animals 49 (1), 79-84 17 2014
Proteome of the periovulatory oviduct and uterus of goats as related to nutritional balance
CCL Fernandes, P Rodriguez‐Villamil, FR Vasconcelos, CS Nagano, ...
Reproduction in Domestic Animals 53 (5), 1085-1095 15 2018
Effect of FSH treatment on cumulus oocyte complex recovery by ovum pick up and in vitro embryo production in beef donor cows
FL Ongaratto, AV Cedeño, P Rodriguez-Villamil, A Tríbulo, GA Bó
Animal reproduction science 214, 106274 14 2020
Liver development is restored by blastocyst complementation of HHEX knockout in mice and pigs
M Ruiz-Estevez, AT Crane, P Rodriguez-Villamil, FL Ongaratto, Y You, ...
Stem Cell Research & Therapy 12 (1), 292 13 2021
Fertilization rates and in vitro embryo production using sexed or non-sexed semen selected with a silane-coated silica colloid or Percoll
PR Villamil, H Wei, G Moreira, M Caccia, MF Taranco, GA Bó
Theriogenology 78 (1), 165-171 13 2012
Assessment of binder of sperm protein 1 (BSP1) and heparin effects on in vitro capacitation and fertilization of bovine ejaculated and epididymal sperm
P Rodríguez-Villamil, D Mentz, FL Ongaratto, LH Aguiar, JL Rodrigues, ...
Zygote 28 (6), 489-494 10 2020
Influence of oocyte selection, activation with a zinc chelator and inhibition of histone deacetylases on cloned porcine embryo and chemically activated oocytes development
FL Ongaratto, P Rodriguez-Villamil, M Bertolini, DF Carlson
Zygote 28 (4), 286-290 9 2020
Seminal plasma and sperm proteome of ring-tailed coatis (Nasua nasua, Linnaeus, 1766)
HVR Silva, P Rodriguez-Villamil, FF de Magalhães, TGP Nunes, ...
Theriogenology 111, 34-42 9 2018
Ceruloplasmin, serotransferrin and albumin presented different abundance in mares’ uterine fluid five days after insemination
J Lancheros-Buitrago, P Rodriguez-Villamil, J Gregory, H Bastos, ...
Theriogenology 148, 194-200 7 2020
Cardiac adaptations in SCNT newborn cloned calves during the first month of life assessed by echocardiography
CA Batchelder, MB Whitcomb, TR Famula, P Rodriguez-Villamil, ...
Theriogenology 103, 153-161 4 2017
Survival rates of mouse blastocyst vitrified in dimethylformamide based solutions associated with ethylene glicol or 1-2 propanediol
PR Villamil, FL Ongaratto, DS Silva, BA Rodrigues, JL Rodrigues
Ciência Rural 41, 1985-1990 4 2011
Survival of vitrifi ed mouse blastocysts loaded into glass micro-capillaries
PR Villamil, F Ongaratto, D Scherer, B de Ávila Rodrigues, JL Rodrigues
Revista Colombiana de Ciencias Pecuarias 23 (1), 28-34 4 2010
13 Generation of SLICK beef cattle by embryo microinjection: A case report
P Rodriguez-Villamil, FL Ongaratto, JR Bostrom, S Larson, T Sonstegard
Reproduction, Fertility and Development 33 (2), 114-114 3 2021
Vitrification of immature and matured bovine oocytes: effect of brilliant cresyl blue selection and hyaluronan addition
P Rodriguez-Villamil, FL Ongaratto, G Moreira, MF Taranco, GA Bó
Animal Reproduction (AR) 13 (1), 42-49 3 2018
150 proteome of bovine cumulus cells as related to oocyte morphology and in vitro embryo production
IC Velez, MM Ramirez, AI Chica, R Urrego, AA Moura, FR Vasconcelos, ...
Reproduction, Fertility and Development 29 (1), 183-183 3 2017
PR Villamil, D Lozano, GA Bó
Reproduction, Fertility and Development 24 (1), 132-132

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Research and development for in vitro bovine embryo production

Workshop and Conference Attended

2022 Savanah IETS

Presentation given

Utilizacion del semen sexado
Guadalajara Mexico
Event: Simposio de reproduccion bovina

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