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Yliana Rodriguez

Country of origin: Uruguay Currently in: Uruguay, Montevideo General field of specialization: Interdisciplinary
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Yliana Rodriguez is interested in better understanding language contact phenomena. She has been looking into the different ways in which languages borrow words from each other based on the idea that linguistic evidence, in the form of loanwords, can show the appearance of new ideas and things in the course of history of a society. During the last years Rodriguez has explored several language contact situations in South America: namely Spanish-Guarani contact and Spanish-English contact. She is also committed in transmitting the importance of analyzing understudied language varieties.Rodriguez is writing her PhD thesis within the Linguistics program of Universidad de la República (UdelaR) in Uruguay and Leiden University in the Netherlands. She is currently teaching in the Center for Foreign Languages in the Faculty of Humanities of UdelaR. She is also a researcher of the National System of Researchers (Sistema Nacional de Investigadores) of the National Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII) in Uruguay. Her main research line is now focused on studying language contact in the Falkland Islands, an understudied variety of English. Since the English occupation in 1833, the Falkland Islands have been continuously inhabited by English speakers, making this variety the youngest of the "Inner Circle" (Kachru, 1985) and one of the few native English varieties of the Southern Hemisphere. Falkland Islands English has a considerable number of Hispanicisms as a result of almost two centuries of language contact with South American gauchos.Rodriguez is also committed to science communication to make people more aware of linguistic phenomena. She has been interviewed by the BBC, written blog posts and given talks in schools.

Publications resulting from Research: 

Peer-reviewed journal articles
Rodríguez, Y. V. (2018). Anglicismos y galicismos en artículos periodísticos sobre moda. ELIA: Estudios de Lingüística Inglesa Aplicada.
Rodríguez, Y. V. (2018). Cortesía, poder y solidaridad: percepción de docentes universitarios sobre el uso del sistema pronominal en el salón de clase. Textos en Proceso, 4, 1, 47-60.
Rodríguez, Y. V. (2017). Primeros registros lexicográficos de algunos préstamos del guaraní. Res Diachronicae, 5, 52-69.
Rodríguez, Y. V. (2014). En busca de voces guaraníes en el español del Uruguay. UNIHUMANITAS, 1(2), 129.

Book chapters
Rodríguez, Y. V. (2019). Spanish-Guarani diglossia in colonial Paraguay. In: The linguistic heritage of colonial practice. De Gruyter.
Rodríguez, Y. V. (2018). Language contact and the indigenous languages of Uruguay. In: Biculturalism and Spanish in Contact: Sociolinguistic Case Studies. Routledge.
Rodríguez, Y. V. (2015). El oxímoron mujeres universitarias. In C. Caamaño (Ed.), En: En busca de una docencia para nuestro tiempo. Montevideo: Magró.

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University of Leiden