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Alejandra Rosales Soto

Country of origin: Mexico Currently in: Mexico, Zapopan, Jalisco General field of specialization: Social and Economic Sciences
Academic Background


2022 Doctorate Social and Economic Sciences
2014 Master Computing and Information Technology
2011 Undergraduate Engineering sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Social and Economic Sciences

My research field is in technological innovation and trends in the digitalization business. I have published scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals focused on the agriculture business's technological capabilities and innovation activities. Also, I have extensive experience in teaching case studies and being a reviewer in peer-reviewed journals.

Publications resulting from Research: 

Becerra-Peña, D. & Rosales-Soto, A. (2022). Quantitative methods students’ perception during a pandemic: e-learning support and course satisfaction. Revista de Investigación en Tecnologías de la Información.
Farooq, M. & Rosales-Soto, A. (2022). Agriculture in Industry 4.0. Rising Kashmir Magazine.
Flores-Gómez, B., Rosales-Soto, A. & Ortiz-Barrera, M. (2022). Trends in the Mexican wine industry: an approach to economic sustainability. The Mexican Wine Industry in the 21st century: economic, environmental, and social challenges, CIATEJ.
Preciado-Ortiz, C. L & Rosales-Soto, A. (2021). Global trends in e-commerce adoption research in small and medium-sized enterprises: a bibliometric perspective 2001-2020. Management and Business in Latin America.
Rosales-Soto. A., Arechavala-Vargas, R. and Jaen-Jimenez, B. (2021). Beyond the Covid 19: Acceleration of digital agriculture and global berries competitiveness.
Rosales-Soto, A. & Arechavala-Vargas, R. (2020). Smart agriculture in Mexico: Data analytics as a tool for competitiveness. Vinculategica-EFAN.
Rosales-Soto. A., Arechavala-Vargas, R. and Jaen-Jimenez, B. (2020). Agricultural data ecosystem: Mexican horticultural sector.
Rosales-Soto. A., Arechavala-Vargas, R. (2020). Agroindustry 4.0: Competitiveness and development of technological capabilities in berry production in Jalisco.
Rosales-Soto, A. & Preciado-Ortiz, C. (2020). Bibliometric analysis of Knowledge management nd knowledge intensive business services during 20 years. Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana.
Rosales-Soto. A., Arechavala-Vargas, R. and Jaen-Jimenez, B. (2019). Global competitiveness of the Mexican fruit and vegetable industry: berry exporting companies

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Assistant Professor of Business at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. Assistant Professor of Business at Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico.

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