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Josephine Rua

Country of origin: Brazil Currently in: France, Paris General field of specialization: Physics
Academic Background


2015 Doctorate Physics
2010 Master Physics
2008 Undergraduate Physics
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Astronomy, Space and Earth Sciences

I am evaluating the cosmological distribution of type I and II vortices stemming from particle physics realistic theories, and then, determine whether or not these cosmic strings can be seen as the structureless Nambu-Goto objects they always taken to be. I am also studing configurations allowed by type I strings which are never considered in simulation in order to implement them in numerical network simulations. Alongside, we are writting a timely review article on surperconducting strings.

Research Keywords: 
condensed matter
primordial universe

Current profession

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Workshop and Conference Attended

2016 São Carlos, Brazil Cosmic Strings @ Brazil
2016 Les Houches, France Cosmology after Planck: What is next?
2015 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 4th World Conference on Research Integrity
2015 Trieste, Italy Career Development Workshop for Women in Physics