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Ganna Shyshkanova

Country of origin: Ukraine Currently in: Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya General field of specialization: Mathematical sciences
Academic Background


2006 Doctorate Mathematical sciences
1997 Master Mathematical sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Mathematical sciences

integral and differential equations

Research Keywords: 
integral and differential equations

Publications resulting from Research: 

T.Zaytseva, G.Shyshkanova Solution of three-dimensional contact problems for non classical multiply-connected domains, Dnipropetrovsk University Press, Dnipro, Ukraine- 2011, 192 p. ISBN: 9789665513186 (in ukrainian)

Yu. Mastynovskyi , G. Shyshkanova Theory Of Complex Functions, Zaporizhia National Technical University, Zaporizhia, Ukraine- 2012, 160 p. ISBN: 9786175290439 (in ukrainian)

Shyshkanova G., Zaytseva T., Frydman O., Stress and elastic displacement in doubly-connected rectangular contact areas of machine pieces /Metallurgical and Mining Industry, 4.-2016, P.77-81

Shyshkanova G., Zaytseva T., Frydman O. The analysis of manufacturing errors effect on contact stresses distribution under the ring parts deformed asymmetrically / Metallurgical and Mining Industry, 7.- 2015, P.352-357

Shyshkanova G., Zaytseva T., Fridman O. The distance learning in the organization of students’ self-study of mathematical courses / Nauka i studio. – NR 21(131). – 2014, P. 82-89

Shyshkanova G. Solution of the Integral Equations in the Three-Dimensional Nonsymmetrical Contact Problems with the Friction Taken into Account / TWMS Jour. Pure and Applied Mathematics, V.2, N.1.- 2011, P.134 - 145

Shyshkanova G. Integral Equation Solution For Multi-Connected Contact Domain Under Nonsymmetrical Loading / Abstracts, short communications of International Congress of Mathematicians, Hyderabad, India. - 2010, Р. 634-635

Shyshkanova G. Three-dimensional contact of rough bodies by multiply-connected domain / Abstracts book (and CD) of 22 International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM / IUTAM), Adelaide, Australia.- 2008.- P. 214

Shyshkanova G. Three-Dimensional Contact Problem Solving For Unknown Doubly-Connected Contact Domains / Short Thesis for Ph.D. of physical & mathematical sciences – Donetsk National University, 2006. - 20 p. (in ukrainian)

Shyshkanova G. Three-dimensional problem of the contact by doubly connected domain taking into account roughness and friction / Abstracts book (and CD) of 21 International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM / IUTAM), Warsaw, Poland, 2004;- P. 222

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
lectures in High Math, Math Analysis, Differential Equations, Field Theory, Complex functions, Econometrics, Probability Theory and Math. Statistics, research work with students, responsible scientist in scientific-technical project 'Mathematical Modeling and Solution Methods for Dynamical Problems on Deformation of Complex Constructions Elements' Applied Math. Dept, Zaporizhia National Tech. Univ., by Ukrainian Ministry of Science Government reg No 0115U004674

Workshop and Conference Attended

2016 Novosibirsk, Russian Federation International School-Conference “Sobolev Readings”
2015 Mainz, Germany Multiscale Simulation Methods for Soft Matter Systems
2015 Kyiv, Ukraine Dynamical System Modeling and Stability Investigation, DSMSI 2015
2014 Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil Industrial Physics Forum 2014, Conference on Industrial Physics in Emerging Economies II
2013 Novosibirsk, Russian Federation International Conference "Differential Equations. Function Spaces. Approximation Theory" dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the birthday of S. L. Sobolev
2013 Kyiv, Ukraine Dynamical Systems Modelling and Stability Investigation, DSMSI 2013
2012 Dnipro, Ukraine Mathematic and Program Support for Intelligence Systems: X International Conf. MPZIS
2011 Kyiv, Ukraine Dynamical System Modeling and Stability Investigation, DSMSI 2011
2010 Hyderabad, India International Congress of Mathematicians, ICM 2010
2004 Warsaw, Poland International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM 2004)
2001 Siena, Italy International School in Applied Mathematics - Industrial Mathematics, ISAM