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Shalini A Tandon

Country of origin: India Currently in: India, mumbai General field of specialization: Interdisciplinary
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2000 Doctorate Interdisciplinary
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities


Major projects handled Environmental Impact Assessment Projects 1. Environmental Impact Assessment of Shivaji Maharaj memorial with statue off the coast off Mumbai in Arabian sea -for PWD,Govt Of Maharashtra. 2. Terrestrial Environmental Impact Assessment studies associated with the proposed development of garden /park at cuffe parade(between Nariman point and Geeta Nagar, western coast of Mumbai south city for MCGM ,Govt Of Maharashtra. 3. Impact Assessment Study to assess the feasibility of allowing Urban Renewal Scheme under Sec. 33(9) of DCR, 1991 in Suburban Area of Mumbai for MCGM, Govt Of Maharashtra. Pollution monitoring and Assessment projects 1. Assessment of Pollution caused by a Garbage Processing Facility at Hadapsar, Pune, -PIL HC 2. Assessment of Municipal Solid waste Facility at Patghardi, Tal, Dist. Nashik. 3. Assessment of ETP of sugar factory at kolpewadi, Ahmednagar 4. Assessment of Patalganga river and point discharge characteristics for the development of action plan –for Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran 5. Environmental Appraisal for removal of accumulated sludge along the banks of Vihar lake at Bhandup complex treatment Plant.- For Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) 6. Environmental and Health Assessment of Doongerwadi, Mumbai For Parsi Panchayat –for Parsi Panchayat 7. Toxicity Assessment of Base Oil & Synthetic Oil Base Mud ForTotal India Petroleum LTD, APAR chematek lubricants LTD, Halliburton offshore services inc Waste water Technology Projects 1. Nitrogen and carbon dynamic study in a wetland ecosystem and varied applicability of a constructed wetland system-The Supra- institutional project 2. Assessment of phytophil technology for dairy and textile effluents from industries-In house project 3. R&D work has been carried out on bioremediation and Phytoremediation of waste waters a) Removal of pesticides using combined Bioremediation and Phytoremediation techniques CRT (Carbofuran Removal Technology) b) Bioremediation approach for the removal of heavy metals from Industrial Effluents c) Phytoremediation approach for the removal of heavy metals from Industrial Effluents 4. Know-How Developed : Municipal Waste Water Treatment using Immobilised Microbial culture River water projects 1. Study and report to Supreme Court on Mithi River Status after 26th July 2005 Deluge by IIT Bombay & NEERI 2. Validation of the Developed Real Time monitoring Sensor for River Water Quality Assessment. (INDO-US project with IIT –Delhi as the lead partner ) Other projects 1. Vulnerability Assessment and development of adaption strategies for climate change impact with special reference to coasts and island ecosystems of India (VACCIN) 2. WP-16 STUDY OF THE IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE ON HUMAN HEALTH INTERFACE IN COASTAL AND ISLETS ECOSYSTEMS OF INDIA 3. Evaluation and Benchmarking of water requirement during manufacturing of Soft drinks, Mineral water, Beverages/Liquor - For Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC). 4. Dharavi redevelopment based on environmental sustainability and impact management system- For Dynamix Balwa group 5. Golden Jubilee Project. : Persistence studies of fipronil in different soils of India and to assess its effect on soil health. In-house project 6. Study for Mumbai MMR Sustainability: Housing and Transport- For Mumbai Transformation Support Unit, AIILSG Research Publications :34

Publications resulting from Research: 

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Jun 2020
Academic awards/honours. 1. Merit Scholarship of University of Delhi for standing First in the University. 2. Recipient of IARI Merit Gold Medal for outstanding academic performance. 3. Awarded Junior Research Fellowship of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) on the basis of competitive examination held countrywide for pursuing M.Sc. programme in Environmental Sciences. 4. Awarded University Grants Commission Fellowship (UGC) for Doctoral work in Environmental Sciences (1996) 5. Pradeep Memorial Award for outstanding work in Environmental Sciences 6. Recipient of the Environmental Protection Award 2003 in the area of environmental education and awareness. 7. Young Scientists Award (2005) of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences in the area of Soil, Water & Environment.