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Tifsehit Solomon Tesfaye

Country of origin: Ethiopia Currently in: Ethiopia, Nekemte General field of specialization: Agricultural Sciences
Academic Background


2014 Doctorate Agricultural Sciences
Research and Profession

Current Research Activities

Agricultural Sciences

1. Study on Diversity and Prevalence of Insect Pests on Some Cultivated Vegetables in East Wollega, Western Ethiopia 2. Survey of Pesticide Safety and Application by Farmers in East Wollega Zone, Western Ethiopia 3. Effect of Organic Mulching against termites on pepper production in east Wollega, western Ethiopia

Research Keywords: 
Insect Pests and Vegetables; Pesticides
Application and Exposure; Organic mulch
Termites and Pepperh

Publications resulting from Research: 

Solomon T, Tesfaye B, Diro M, (2011) Invitro and conventional propagation of Xanthosoma sagittifolium (Tannia). VDM Verlag, Germany.

Solomon T, Getu E (2015) Studies on some life table parameters of Busseolla fusca (Fuller) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidea) in maize under field condition in Western Ethiopia. Annual Research and Review in Biology 9(5).

Raghavendra HL, Prashith Kekuda TR, Vijayananda BN, Solomon T, and Duressa D (2016). Nutritive composition and antimicrobial activity of Moringa stenopetala (Baker f.) Cufod. JAMPS 10(3): 1-9.

Prashith Kekuda TR, Raghavendra HL, Solomon T, Duressa D (2016) Antifungal and antiradical potential of Moringa stenopetala (Baker f.) Cufod (Moringaceae). Journal of Bioscience and Agricultural Research 11(01): 923-929.

Solomon T, Getu E (2017) Efficacy of push-pull strategies in managing cereal stem borers on maize (Zea mays L.) in Western Ethiopia. Journal of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resource 1(1): 21-24.

Kenea O, Solomon T, Abdissa S (2018) Needs assessment survey for masters of science studies in entomology in Ethiopia. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare 8 (23).

Tilahun S, Park DS, Solomon T, Choi HR, Jeong CS (2019) Maturity stages affect nutritional quality and storability of tomato cultivars. CyTA - Journal of Food 17(1): 87-95.

Tilahun S, Choi HR, Kim SH, Park DS, Lee YM, Solomon T, Jeong CS (2019) Fruit size and placement in packaging affect firmness-related quality attributes of muskmelon (Cucumis melo l.) fruit. Horticultural Science and Technology 37(2):246-255.

Tilahun S, Seo MH, Choi HR, Park DS, Solomon T, Jeong CS (2019) Non-destructive methods to determine ripening quality of intact muskmelon. Journal of Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences 31(1): 1-10.

Current profession

Current professional activities type: 
Higher Education Study
Teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students Advising students Examining students thesis and dissertations Conducting researches Undertaking development and other projects

Workshop and Conference Attended

2017 Mekelle University, Mekelle, Ethiopia International Conference on Women in Science & Innovation for Development
2016 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia University-Industry Linkage for African Universities
2015 Wollega University, Nekemte, Ethiopia National Symposium on Trends and Challenges in Adoption of Science, Technology and Innovation in Local Development Endeavours


Entomological Society of Ethiopia (ESoE)
Society of Ethiopian Women in Science and Technology (SEWiST)

Presentation given

Women in Leadership
Wollega University, Nekemte, Ethiopia
Event: Training on Leadership for Female Academic Staff of Wollega University
Efficacy of Push-Pull Strategies in Managing Cereal Stem Borers on Maize (Zea mays L.)
Wollega University, Nekemte
Event: National Symposium on “Trends and Challenges in Adoption of Science, Technology and Innovation in Local Development Endeavours”
Prizes, Grants and Awards

Other Awards

Nov 2019
Outstanding Female Researcher
The Award was in recognition of excellent efforts and achievements in being an outstanding female researcher at my university.

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