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Organizations of interest

Centre for African Women Advancement (CAWA)

Collaborating since: 2016

The Centre for African Women Advancement (CAWA) has been supporting African Women since 2011.

CAWA believes that the key to women being equally represented is mentoring by and for women: it takes another woman to fully appreciate, define and assist in challenges such as balancing the family, sexual harassment, emotional stresses and cultural barriers in different academic fields and how to overcome these. Every woman is the protagonist of this gender revolution. CAWA has the tools to play a positive role in the development of the African Continent and the world at large.


Why OWSD members may be interested?

CAWA is currently collecting data from across Africa and assessing existing mentoring programs, in order to empower women to mentor other women, share experiences with other international relevant centers (in America, Asia and Europe) in order to increase women’s participation in decision making. Society at large will benefit from women's achievements.

International Women's Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW Asia Pacific)


IWRAW Asia Pacific is an international women’s human rights organization which, since its foundation in 1993, has been supporting the actual implementation and realization of women’s rights in Asia and the Pacific through the lens of the UN Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and other international human rights treaties.

The organization supports a process through which the CEDAW Convention is used as an instrument for applying international human rights standards at the national level and in a wide range of contexts, such as political participation, armed conflict, rights in marriage, violence against women and employment.

Moreover, the initiatives implemented up to now have contributed to the development of knowledge and skills, and created a better understanding of the various dimensions of equality, non-discrimination, State obligation, human rights principles (e.g. universality and indivisibility), and a rights-based approach to development.

Why OWSD members might be interested?

As OWSD, the International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific strives to advance gender equality and human rights, laying thus the foundation for women’s empowerment and effective participation of women in all levels of society.

The organization works mainly in South and Southeast Asia, but it is now expanding into other areas of the Asia Pacific region (e.g. Central Asia, the Pacific).

Femmes 3000


Association founded in 1989, which became a federation in 1999, Femmes 3000 (Women 3000) aims to give visibility to women and their projects, particularly in the Mediterranean area.

The Federation Femmes 3000 supports women's activities in order to:

  • Increase women's participation in public, economic and social life
  • Develop projects that make them visible
  • Recognize their skills
  • Encourage risk taking
  • Work on equal opportunities in all areas


Why OWSD members might be interested?

Femmes 3000 is particularly sensitive to environmental issues and women empowerment. Indeed, the organization strives for a sustainable development worldwide, by connecting the two dimensions: environment and women.

In order to achieve such goal, Femmes 3000 suggests working on the three levels: economy, ecology and social level.

  • Economic policy action: promoting ethics
  • Environmental policy action: increasing the involvement of women in the environment
  • Social policy action: strengthening the position and role of women in all business sectors

Women in Development Europe (WIDE+)


WIDE+ is a European feminist network of women´s organizations, development NGOs, gender specialists and women´s rights activists founded in 2012 to replace the gap left by WIDE, after its closure in 2011.

WIDE+ strives to contribute to movement-building for gender equality and women’s rights at European and international levels, as well as to work towards the construction of alternatives that increase gender, social, economic and environmental justice both nationally and internationally.

More concretely, in the medium term, WIDE+ objectives are:

  • To build a democratic and participatory network over the next 3 years.
  • To contribute to strengthening member’s capacities and engagement in alliances.
  • To increase the Network’s visibility as a strong feminist actor in international fora.
  • To produce critical analysis and alternative proposals in selected policy areas.
  • To influence key actors in order to promote women’s rights so as to work towards more just, particularly gender-just, European Union external policies.

WIDE+ enables members and partners to articulate alternatives to the negative impacts of globalization and make feminist alternatives visible.


Why OWSD members might be interested?

Through its several activities WIDE+ brings women from Europe and the South together in order to support social transformation and to achieve thus fair and rights-based societies where women are fully represented and involved in all levels of public, economic and social life.

The driving principle in the work of WIDE+ is the pursuit of gender justice, in the understanding that this can only be brought about if intersecting unequal power relations are addressed, including economic, environmental, social, sexual, racial, generational and ethnic discrimination.

Interested organizations and individuals can join the WIDE+ network by writing to or contacting a WIDE+ member in their region.

Karat Coalition


KARAT Coalition was established as a response to the invisibility of women from Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CEE/CIS) and their concerns and needs in the international area.

In its 15 years of activity, KARAT Coalition has been using different international government commitments (e.g. Platform for Action, ILO Conventions, EU gender equality directives and policies) as tools to improve the situation of women in this part of the globe.

KARAT Coalition unites over 63 organizations from 25 countries focused on women’s human rights, and gender justice in the Region of Central & Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

To achieve its goals, the coalition also works on national levels, advocating for policy change and undertaking vital awareness raising in public forums.


Why OWSD members might be interested?

KARAT Coalition consists in three programs, all focused on women empowerment:

  • Women’s Human Rights Programme strives to ensure that international states commitments to women’s rights are observed;
  • Gender and Development Programme encourages new EU donor countries to make development policies and programs gender-sensitive and gender-responsive;
  • Social and Economic Justice Programme aims to improve the socio-economic situation of women in the Central & Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

In addition, some Asian members of the KARAT Coalition are LDCs: a partnership with OWSD might be interesting for the future of women who come from these specific countries.

Réseau Femmes et Développement Durable (FDD)


The Network for Women and Sustainable Development (FDD) is a network that gives women the opportunity to share professional knowledge, experiences and discoveries. Its main aim is promoting a female perspective on all issues related to environment, health and, more broadly, sustainable development, and supporting women’s activities in these fields.

In order to create a free space for dialogue and opinions, the association organizes debates and conferences open to the public with private and public stakeholders, as well as site visits and networking sessions among FDD members.


Why OWSD members might be interested?

The FDD Network focuses on women and sustainable development, which are two dimensions strictly connected with each other, since women’s ideas and actions may contribute to enhance the results of projects and initiatives focused on the integrity of the environment. Moreover, the network supports women’s participation in the field of sustainable development, where the percentage of female actors is still low.

Mujeres en Desarrollo Dominicana Inc. (MUDE)

Dominican Republic

Women in Development Dominican Inc. (MUDE) was created in 1977 by Jean Hurwitch, who organized a group of caring people supporting the development of women.

Since its foundation, MUDE has been improving the living conditions of poor women and promoting their participation in the socioeconomic development of the country through a large number of initiatives and projects, such as empowering local women associations and enhancing their administrative and management skills.


Why OWSD members might be interested?

MUDE activities support the development of women and fight against gender discrimination within every aspect of society. For instance, when working on water and sanitation projects, the organization considers both male and female knowledge on water sources and environmental conditions, promoting thus the inclusion of a gender perspective in the Government's water and sanitation policies and initiatives.



Cyberelles is a networking association funded in France in 1998 to improve the visibility and participation of women in the field of Information Technology.

Cyberelles connects all female leaders and entrepreneurs passionate about business and IT issues, providing them with a digital platform where they can exchange information, experiences, ideas, news and suggestions.

Why OWSD members might be interested?

Cyberelles and OWSD share the same mission: promoting the full participation of women in scientific fields where they are still underrepresented. With a focus on business and computer sciences, since its foundation Cyberelles has been helping women with a passion for entrepreneurship and IT express their full potential in these fields and achieve success.


Unidad de Mujeres y Ciencia (UMYC)


The Women and Science Unit (UMYC) of the Ministry of Science and Innovation, through the Minister's Office of Spain, is responsible for putting the principle of gender mainstreaming into practice in the fields of science, technology and innovation. To achieve such goal, the institute works in conjunction with like-minded organizations, public research bodies, the EU Commission Scientific Culture and Gender Unit, as well as with science and technology associations in universities.


Why OWSD members might be interested?

Similarly to OWSD, the Women and Science Unit is striving to promote the participation of women in all the spheres of science, technology and innovation and to include gender as a transverse category in scientific and innovation research fields.

Furthermore, the Women and Science Unit could contribute to establishing contacts with Spanish speaking countries in Latin America.

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e)


Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is a research university specialized in engineering science and technology studies.

All activities and research projects conducted at the TU/e contribute to:

  • solving the major societal issues and boosting prosperity and welfare by focusing on the Strategic Areas of Energy,  Health and Smart Mobility
  • developing technological innovation in cooperation with industry
  • promoting the progress in engineering sciences through excellence in key research cores and innovation in education


Why OWSD members might be interested?

At the TU/e, there is a special focus on women in science.

Indeed, female talent in higher academic positions is stimulated and promoted through several initiatives, for example by offering yearly to three to five women scientists the opportunity to develop themselves as associate professors at the TU/e.

Furthermore, TU/e is responsible for the WISE network (Women in Science), where female scientists share knowledge and experiences, supporting thus each other in their personal and scientific development.