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The OWSD Malaysia National Chapter was founded in 2011and is based in Kuala Lumpur. The chapter aims to act as a platform - and a champion - to facilitate changes to the socio-economic structure, paving the way for women to excel and thrive in S&T.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Lim Yang Mooi

51 Members

Member since: 2017
Lubna Alam


Member since: 1994
Mahiran Basri

Chemical Sciences

Member since: 1990
Mary Jane Cardosa

Member since: 2010
Lee Siang Chauh

Member since: 2007
Chee Yan Choo

Chemical Sciences

Member since: 1997
Rosy Chou-Gim Teh


Member since: 1990
Lai Yoong Goh

Chemical Sciences

Member since: 2007
Siti Nurul Farieza Harun

Member since: 2009
Hong Boon Lee

Chemical Sciences