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Early Career Women Scientists Fellowship - the Research Project

Information concerning the section of the application describing the research project

In the online application form you will be required to answer the following questions on your research:

1. Motivational statement (max. 500 words)

  • What is/are the problem(s) your research project seeks to address?
    Emphasize how the problem is original, relevant and important.
  • What research 'gaps' have you identified and will you be filling by undertaking your project?
  • What are your main research objectives (hypotheses, propositions, research questions)?
  • What difference do you think your research will make?
  • Why does this research excite you?

2. Activities and Methodology (max. 500 words)

  • How will you conduct your project? Describe the activities you propose to undertake with the funds provided by this fellowship.

3. Expected results (max. 300 words)

  • What will be achieved by the end of the fellowship?
  • How will you measure/demonstrate that results have been achieved?

4. Impact (max. 300 words)

  • The proposal should state clearly what are the intended impacts on the individual, her department, her institute, her community at local, national and international level. How will communities be affected by the research (e.g. increased access of marginal groups to resources, goods and services, improved quality of knowledge and training in a specific subject)?

5. Identification of current resources and challenges (max. 500 words)

  • Describe ongoing research and teaching at your institute focusing on the capacities (e.g. skills and experience of your colleagues) which you could call upon for your project.
  • Describe any challenges you face in carrying out your research and how this project will attempt to address some of these.
  • Describe how this project will contribute to the profile of the department/institute.

6. Linking with industry (max. 500 words)

7. Sustainability of the project (max. 300 words)

After the fellowship and related funding has ended:

  • How will you ensure that your research and objectives continue to have an impact?
  • How will you secure funding, partnerships, links with industry and the private sector or in-kind contributions to ensure the work can continue?

8. Ethical and environmental implications (max. 300 words)

  • Identify any significant ethical and environmental implications and explain how you plan to address these.

9. Inclusiveness (max. 300 words)

  • Demonstrate that you have made efforts to be as inclusive as possible in the research project design and implementation (e.g. by including diverse members of the community in the research team when possible; designing and developing a product that will make a difference to and can be used by diverse members of the community).

10. Risk and mitigation (max. 300 words)

  • Identify any significant risks in the implementation of this project and describe what measures you would put in place to limit their occurrence and impact.

11. Timeline/work schedule

  • Prepare a timeline (file to be uploaded) based on a 24 month-work schedule which shows the duration and timing of the activities described in the proposal.


You will be required to complete a budget section inserting all items and related costs requested in order to undertake your project.

The maximum total amount that can be requested for the three areas (Research-related costs, Linking with industry and Outreach) is USD 50,000.00. All three areas must be included in the budget.

In order to prepare your budget please refer to the list of eligible expenses available here.


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