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Eligible Countries - Early Career Fellowships


in alphabetical order

IMPORTANT: Applicants must have been resident in one of the countries listed below for at least 5 years. At the time of application, applicants must be already employed at the university or research institute where the project will be carried out. This institute must be in one of the countries listed below.

Afghanistan Liberia
Angola Madagascar
Bangladesh Malawi
Benin Mali
Bhutan Mauritania
Bolivia Mongolia
Burkina Faso Mozambique
Burundi Myanmar
Cambodia Nepal
Cameroon Nicaragua
Central African Rep. Niger
Chad Palestine (West Bank and Gaza Strip)
Comoros Paraguay
Congo Rwanda
Côte d’Ivoire Sao Tome and Principe
Dem Rep. Congo Senegal
Djibouti Sierra Leone
El Salvador Solomon Islands
Equatorial Guinea Somalia
Ethiopia South Sudan
Gambia Sri Lanka
Ghana Sudan
Guatemala Swaziland
Guinea Tajikistan
Guinea-Bissau Tanzania
Haiti Timor-Leste
Honduras Togo
Kenya Tuvalu
Kiribati Uganda
Lao People’s Dem Rep. Vanuatu
Lesotho Zambia


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