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OWSD Pakistan: Role and Challenges for Women Scientists: Past, Present and Future.

June 24, 2021




KIBGE, University of Karachi
Women as a driver of change in diverse areas of physical, biological and social sciences are now undeniable and their contributions are being recognized both globally and in Asian countries including Pakistan.  However, getting to leadership positions in male-dominated fields and professions has been a major challenge for women whose biological age of childbearing and multitasking coincides with the period of mid and upper-level career development.  This is the period when married women face the toughest challenges in balancing their career, home and family demands resulting in a lag period. Unfortunately, the awards and honours recognizing young potential leaders are also linked to this period giving an unfair advantage to men who do not have this burden of responsibilities.  It is high time that contribution of women are highlighted and appreciated in various forums.


The lecture is a part of the OWSD Pakistan virtual lecture series on:

“Women Scientists Through Journey of Challenges/Success”



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