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International Women's Day Celebration

March 08, 2021

OWSD Pakistan NC Celebrated International Women’s Day, March 08, 2021

On International Women’s Day, March 08, 2021, OWSD Pakistan National Chapter organized a virtual lecture session to celebrate the role of women during lockdown bearing dual responsibilities. The event was based on four lectures by four veteran and skilled speakers. The event was moderated by Dr. Saima Saleem (Secretary, OWSD Pakistan NC/ Associate Professor, KIBGE, University of Karachi) and Dr. Sitwat Zehra (Treasurer, OWSD Pakistan NC/ Associate Professor, KIBGE, University of Karachi).

The 1st lecture was given by Ms Amber Javid, Visiting Lecturer at NUR International University, Lahore, Pakistan on “Work from Home and Work for Home”.

Prof. Dr. Anila Amber Malik (Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Karachi, Pakistan) shared her valuable insights on “Mental Health and Coping in Covid and Post Covid Scenario for Women”.

Dr. Farhana Azim (Medical Specialist/ Consultant Maternal and Child Health, Life Clinic and Health Care, Karachi, Pakistan) gave a talk on “Impact of Novel Corona Virus in Clinical Setup of Karachi” and shared her personal experiences.

Dr. Hafsah Muhammad (Assistant Professor, Khyber Medical University, Peshawar, Pakistan) gave a splendid talk on “Stepping Up Ladder and Shaping the System by Facing Challenges: A Success Story of Women Empowerment”.

At the end of the session Vote of thanks was given by Prof. Bina S. Siddique (President, OWSD, Pakistan National Chapter). Moreover, Dr. Saima Saleem also acknowledged the efforts of the organizing team.

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