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Lectures on Awareness of Heart Disease on National Wear Red Day

February 07, 2020

OWSD Pakistan NC Organized Lectures on Awareness of Heart Diseases and Celebrated National Wear Red Day 

Two lectures were organized by OWSD Pakistan NC on National Wear Red Day to spread awareness about heart disease. The lectures were the continuation of OWSD Pakistan NC lecture series "Science and Technology for Sustainable development of Pakistan". 

The first lecture was given by Prof. Dr. Khalida Soomro (Interventional Cardiologist, Karachi). Prof. Soomoro gave a lecture on "Awareness of Heart Diseases in Women". She addressed the risk factors, causes and complications of the diseases. Moreover, Dr. Soomro talked about the  complications faced by women with heart diseases ​ 

The second lecture of the day was given by Prof. Dr. Nabeela Soomro (Director, Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Dow University of Health Sciences, Karachi). The title of her presentation was "Diet, Exercise and Rehabilitation As A Preventive Measure of Heart Disease". Prof. Nabeela discussed the effect and role of diet in heart disease. Dr. Soomro also discussed the ways one can use to prevent heart diseases. She motivated the audience to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Prof. Soomro mentioned that lack of exercise and wrong posture plays a key role in health deterioration.

At the end of each session, Q/A session was conducted. The Shield of appreciations were presented to both speakers. Afterwards, the ladies gathered to celebrate "National Wear Red Day" and took photographs. Concluding remarks and Vote of Thanks was given by Dr. Sitwat Zehra (Associate Professor, KIBGE/ Treasurer, OWSD Pakistan NC). 

The sessions were live broadcasted on Facebook and Zoom. 

Special Thanks To:

  • Speakers, Guests & Participants
  • Faculty & Administration, KIBGE, University of Karachi 
  • OWSD Pakistan NC Organizing Team 
  • OWSD Pakistan NC Media Team 

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