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OWSD celebrates establishment of 53rd and 54th National Chapters in Burundi and Lesotho, enhancing the vibrant landscape of African women in science

November 05, 2023

The Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD) recently achieved a remarkable milestone by establishing its 53rd and 54th National Chapters in Burundi and Lesotho. This accomplishment further enriches the thriving landscape of women in science across Africa and underscores OWSD's commitment to advancing gender equality in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).The establishment of these new chapters signifies a crucial step in promoting gender equality and fostering a conducive environment for women pursuing careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields in Burundi and Lesotho. OWSD's initiative aims to provide a platform for networking, mentorship, and knowledge exchange, thereby supporting women scientists and researchers in these nations.

The OWSD community in Africa is a formidable force, comprising 4,859 dedicated members spread across 42 countries. Within this vast network, there are now 21 active National Chapters in Africa that play a pivotal role in promoting women in science. These chapters act as localized centers, fostering engagement, mentorship, and collaboration among women scientists within their respective regions.

The strength of this community lies not not only in its size but also in its grassroots presence, providing direct, localized support for aspiring and established women scientists. The National Chapters serve as pillars, creating an inclusive and supportive environment, amplifying the voices of women in science, and catalyzing their advancement across diverse scientific fields on the African continent.

The recent establishment of the 54th and 55th National Chapters in Burundi and Lesotho further fortifies this support system. These chapters, like their counterparts across Africa, are poised to enhance opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and skill development specifically tailored to the unique needs of women in these regions.

In celebrating these milestones, OWSD reinforces its dedication to empowering and enabling women in science, building a more equitable and brighter future for all. The establishment of these National Chapters serves as a crucial step towards realizing a world where women in science have the support and opportunities they deserve.

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