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OWSD Honduras National Chapter is established

October 15, 2020

In October 2020, Honduras became the second country in Central America to establish a National Chapter of OWSD (following the launch of the Guatemala National Chapter in March). The Honduras National Chapter is the 34th OWSD National Chapter

The first Executive Committee of the National Chapter is formed by:

Vice-Chair: Johana Lorraine Cabrera Medina, SCIENCE CONNECT
Secretary: Gilda Dinora Oyuela Izaguirre, UPNFM
Treasurer: Marina Aguilar Chavez, UPNFM
Other Executive Committee members:
Iliam Rivera García, UNAH


"Honduras, with its limited resources, must consider science as a critical factor for sustainable development, industrial diversification, the addition of value to products, and for contributing to the solution of social, environmental, and economic problems," said the National Chapter's Executive Committee. "By taking into consideration scientific evidence we are also promoting responsible decision making. In this regard, female participation and leadership are necessary to improve the optimal development of politics, health, economy, justice, and the general well-being of society. The effect that women's education has on many aspects of human development is well documented." 

Among the National Chapter's planned activities are creating a repository for the identification of Honduran women scientists and their respective areas of study, disseminating scientific awareness through webinars, workshops and seminars for both the scientific community and the public, and organizing leadership training for women in STEM. 

At the time of establishment, OWSD had 33 members in Honduras. Women scientists in Honduras who are not already members of OWSD can become members here. Members who are interested in joining the National Chapter are invited to write to owsdhonduras[at]

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