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OWSD Pakistan: Second Session of Virtual Lecture Series on "Challenges for Young Women Embarking Career in Science"

December 23, 2021

Career building in science is not easy especially when one is freshly graduated. Academia and professional work environment have different environments and ethics. The challenges increase when a young female researcher enters the field.

The OWSD PNC virtual lecture series “Challenges for Young Women Embarking Career in Science” highlights the efforts of young Pakistani researchers who are building their careers in science after their PhD.

The session was held on December 23, 2021. The first speaker of the session was Dr Alveena Zehra. Dr Zehra is a Postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Pediatrics and Child Health, Aga Khan University. She is also a full member of OWSD. The title of her presentation was "Responsible Science: Building a Culture of Biosafety and Biosecurity in Biomedical Laboratories". She gave comprehensive know-how of biosafety culture and understanding for routine application, a set of safe practices, procedures, actions, and habits that protect the people working with biological materials. Also, she discussed the challenges she faced during her journey and how she overcame those. Furthermore, she discussed the opportunities and suggested the audience seize the opportunities without fear.

The second speaker of the day was Dr. Fariha Ibrahim. Dr Ibrahim is currently serving as Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Science, Technology and Management, Ziauddin University. She is also a full member of OWSD. The title of her presentation was " The PhD Journey: Passion, Challenges and Personal Reflections". Dr. Fariha Ibrahim discussed her journey from master’s to PhD. She told about her career building strategies and how she is influencing her students by motivating them to do science projects. She also discussed the funding opportunities and how young researchers can work for them.

The program was conducted virtually on Microsoft Teams. The guest speakers were introduced by Ms. Syeda Areesha Zaidi (Media Representative, OWSD PNC). At the end of each session, a Q/A session was conducted. Special messages were delivered by the supervisors of both the speakers (Dr. Sitwat Zehra and Dr. Asma Ansari). A vote of thanks was given by Dr. Saima Saleem (Associate Professor, KIBGE, Secretary, OWSD Pakistan NC). Dr Saleem also delivered the vote of thanks message from President OWSD Pakistan, Professor Bina S. Siddique.

Special Thanks:

Dr Alveena Zehra (Guest Speaker)

Dr. Fariha Ibrahim (Guest Speaker)

OWSD Executive Council Members

OWSD Media Team

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