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Watch Early Career Fellow Elizabeth Bandason's story in the Unlocking Science series

February 03, 2022

Elizabeth is featured in the new series from the International Science Council, which is exploring the stories of scientists worldwide and how they are addressing inequalities, engaging policymakers and the public, and pioneering a more sustainable future.

A short film featuring 2018 OWSD Early Career fellow Elizabeth Bandason is part of the film series Unlocking Science, a project presented by the International Science Council and produced by BBC Storyworks.

The series shines the spotlight on several scientists who are finding solutions to some of humanity’s most pressing issues. It looks at how the global collaborative effort by international science is rising to the challenge of finding pathways to living within planetary boundaries.

Elizabeth’s work fits perfectly into this theme. An entomologist from Malawi, she is studying how insects’ brains respond to scent in order to explore alternative methods to heavy pesticide application on crops, which is harmful to both human health and the environment. Her story is also a personal one, having been motivated to go into science after losing her father due to harmful effects of chemical exposure.

In addition to Elizabeth’s story, Unlocking Science features scientists who are working to protect vital ecological biomes like the Great Barrier Reef and the Amazon rainforest, who are seeking stability after being displaced by conflict, and who are working on eliminating the gender bias in artificial intelligence, among others.

Click here to view Elizabeth’s film. All of the films in the Unlocking Science series can be viewed here

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