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WEBINAR INVITATION: National Science Week 2021 - Food Security and Nutrition, 05 August

August 04, 2021

Discussions will be led by a panel comprising of policy research in SDGs and researchers in food security and food systems from NRF-CoE in Food Security and ARUA in Sustainable Food System.

According to a 2018 report by the United States Agency for International Development, more than 800 million of the world’s population go to bed hungry.  That is one of nine people globally. Poverty is cited as the principal cause of hunger, with about half of the world’s poor population (i.e. 368 million) located in just five countries: India, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Bangladesh and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The elimination of both hunger and poverty remain the long-standing global challenges and top of the grand challenges identified by United Nations (UN) through its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The webinar will highlight the role that research (including food systems), networks and partnerships in food security and food systems is contributing to alleviating hunger and poverty and therefore, contributing to the SDGs – no poverty and zero hunger by 2030. The webinar will also explore the impact of the recent unrest in South Africa and its impact for food systems and the security risks associated with similar situations.

The webinar objectives are as follows:

(a)To highlight progress on the SDGs and in particular, the no poverty and zero hunger global challenges;

(b)To profile innovative research in food security that aims to address poverty and hunger challenges in the African continent; and

(c)In observance of UN’s 2021 IYFV, highlight the role of fruits and vegetables in providing good nutritional health benefits. 


Date and Time: 05 August at 13h00 to 14h45.

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