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Women Scientists Through Journey of Challenges/Success: Virtual Series

April 09, 2021

Nobody can inspire us as great teachers can. They see potential in us and encourage us to carve our way with the right amount of push & guidance. As Isaac Newton said, "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants". Learning from the life lessons of our mentors can help us in the expansion of knowledge.
Keeping this in view, OWSD Pakistan National Chapter took an initiative to share the life journey's of eminent professors and scientists, so that the new generation of young scientists can benefit from them. Their life journeys are inspiring and motivating which shows how these professors are leaving an impact on society. Also, their life journey's will help young scientists to understand how they overcame hurdles and setbacks.

In this series, the first speaker was Prof. Dr. Aziz Fatima Hasnain (Former Professor, Physics, APWA Government College for Women, Karachi). Prof Aziz Fatima Hasnain is the General Secretary of the Centre for Physics Education. She taught physics to undergraduate students at APWA Government College for Women for 37 years. In 1991, she established the Centre for Physics Education (CPE). Appreciating her efforts for the promotion of physics education, Prof. Dr. Abdus Salam agreed to be the patron of CPE. By Dr. Salam's guidance and support, CPE is now recognized at the international level and several International organizations like UNESCO had supported CPE activities. From the UNESCO's program "Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries", Prof. Aziz Fatima established a computer-based physics lab at APWA College.  This lab has marked as the milestone of installing Computer Education in Pakistan. Dr. Fatima has also been instrumental in setting computer labs in the colleges of Karachi and all over Sindh. Also, she has been the National point of contact and member board of Asian Physics Education (ASPEN), a body of UNESCO.  She had been the National point of contact from 2002 to 2011at the IUPAP Commission on Women in Physics. She organized national and regional conferences on Women in Physics in Islamabad. She has been a member of the International Advisory Committee of the Regional Conference on Women in Physics held in 2019 in Nepal. 

The session began with a formal welcome by Dr. Saima Saleem (Associate Professor, KIBGE/ Secretary, OWSD PKNC). The title of Dr Aziz Fatima's presentation was "Popularizing Science through Activity Based Learning". In the end, Prof. Dr. Bina S. Siddique (President, OWSD PKNC) formally acknowledged the efforts of Dr. Fatima and extended her gratitude for sharing her journey with young researchers. 


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