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New List of Eligible Countries for OWSD PhD Fellowships

March 07, 2017

Important Information for Applicants: OWSD has defined a new list of Eligible Countries effective for the 2017 OWSD PhD Fellowships.

Owing to scientific and economic changes in a number of developing nations, OWSD has intensified the focus of its programme and has selected a group of countries in which science and technology are significantly lagging.
The immediate effect of this selection is that, effective from 2017, OWSD PhD Fellowships are open to candidates from 66 scientifically and technologically lagging countries.

Formerly, OWSD had a list of eligible countries which included all Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and any additional countries in sub-Saharan Africa. With this new selection, some countries in Africa are no longer considered low income and are no longer eligible for fellowships support. Some new countries outside Africa have been added.

You can find the new list of eligible countries here.

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