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Personal Development Programme #2: Behavioural Styles

September 24, 2021




Objective of event: To understand Behavioural Styles to allow participants to understand themselves and others better. This workshop is designed for people in leadership, people-centric careers, financial sectors or attendees who would like to understand people better. Trainer : Alan Tan , Marae Aleafia Outcome: The workshop covered a range of topics: Types of Behavioural Styles , categorised into “Swan, Dove, Owl, Peacock & Eagle” and their characteristics. Participants were able to identify their own behaviour, as well as recognise the behaviour style of others in the workshop. The participants were engaged in a variety of interactive feedback ( in breakout rooms and main room ) and also in a drawing activity. From the drawing ( of a house ) , the trainers were able to identify the core behavioural style and the understanding of such personality. The programme achieved tremendous level of satisfaction (92.8%) from its participants. 85.7% of participants thought that the event was relevant and helpful for their job. Workshop

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