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The OWSD India National Chapter (NCI-OWSD) was founded in 2006 and supports members by providing opportunities for networking, including participation in national and international conferences, workshops and lectures where women scientists can showcase their work.

Contact: Dr. Kaiser Jamil

681 Members

Monika Goel

Member since: 2016

Mathematical sciences

Asha Gopinathan

Member since: 2010

Rama Mani Gorle

Member since: 2010

Sarika Goyal

Member since: 2018

Mathematical sciences

Honey Gupta

Member since: 2017

Engineering sciences

Manju Bala Gupta

Member since: 2010

Vibha Gupta

Member since: 2005

Archana Gupta

Member since: 1993

Sukhbir Kaur Hunjan

Member since: 1989


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